Sheriff’s Report 4/15/16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sheriff’s department investigates possible statutory rape cases

By Ashley Crutcher
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department released over 40 incident reports documenting calls for service to which officers responded between March 30 and April 8, including complaints of sexual incidents involving minors.
Investigator Bryan Arnold was called April 5 following an argument that resulted in a 17-year-old striking her mother during an argument. “The juvenile told her mother that she has been having sex with her step-father,” Arnold’s report states. During investigation the youth told Arnold that she believed her step-father may be the father of her one-year old child. The investigation into to the suspected statutory rape is continuing.
Deputy George Renfroe spoke with a victim on April 6 who first said she had been pushed into a counter, scratching her arm. While he questioned the underage female at the location, the deputy learned that she was underage and had stayed in the home of a 20-year-old man for about five months. Deputy Britton Crawford transported the victim for additional investigation into the alleged statutory rape to the sheriff’s office while Renfroe interviewed the suspect, according to his report.
Deputy Maurice Market on April 4 investigated a rape where the mother of a 13-year-old named a suspect who had attempted to rape the youth during an overnight stay at her grandmother’s two months earlier. The mother learned about the assault after the victim told a school counselor, according to Market’s report.
Detective Arnold is also investigating the complaint of a high school student who had been contacted by someone on Shapchat “trying to get her to send photos of herself nude,” his report states. “The person told her she would pay for the photos,” the report continues.
Other calls for service by dates are as follow:
March 30
• Deputy Dean Jones was advised of a missing dog by a Vassar Road, Pope resident who stated that she let her dog outside and has not seen the dog since. The complainant states that she is unsure if the dog wandered off or if she was stolen. According to the report, the dog is a five-month-old red and white female husky with light blue eyes. The dog has a green collar on and her name is Myla.
April 1
• Shell Road, Batesville resident reported that her husband stole her Gray 2006 Chevy Impala. Lt. Willie Harries spoke to the suspect who stated that they bought the vehicle together for him to take back and forth to work;
April 2
• Deputy Robert Roberson arrested a Louisville resident at Loves Truck Stop for possession of marijuana. The suspect was found with a green Crown Royal bag that contained the suspected marijuana and a grinder found on the ground beside the vehicle;
• Deputy Renfroe took a report of an individual driving under the influence in a Chevy Impala. The vehicle was located in the Church of Christ parking lot in Courtland. Deputy Renfroe states in his report that there was a strong odor of alcohol and an opened beer inside the vehicle. The suspect was taken to the Panola County Jail and the vehicle was towed.
 • Partee Road, Como resident reported to Lieutenant Harris that her license plate was taken from her 2002 GMC Tahoe;
• April 2, Deputy Crawford was dispatched to Merit Health Batesville where a domestic disturbance victim was receiving treatment for injuries. The said that she and her boyfriend got into an altercation which resulted in him grabbing her arm and punching her twice, once in the eye and once in the jaw.
Deputy Crawford states the complainant suffered bruising on her arm and swelling and bruising around her jaw and eye. The suspect was arrested and taken to the Panola County Jail;
• Mount Olivet Road resident reported to Deputy Crawford that a vehicle hit his mailbox. The complainant stated that he just wanted his mailbox fixed. The owner of the vehicle agreed to work something out with the complainant;
• Atkins Street, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Renfro that she was in fear for her life after her husband threatened to kill himself and “take someone with him before he kills himself,” according to the report. The complainant also stated that she noticed a chemical on her Dodge Charger that caused damage to the trunk, rear bumper and left rear tire and rim;  
April 3
• Deputy Robert Roberson dispatched to Whippoorwill Road, Batesvile. Resident stated that she had seen the Mossy Oak camouflage furniture from her cabin in the back of a white Chevy Avalanche. A Deputy with the Tallahatchie County Sheriff’s Department located the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to the Panola County Sheriff’s impound lot with the furniture still in the back. The case was turned over to Lt. Edward Dickson for further investigation;
• Old Hwy Road, Crenshaw resident reported to Lieutenant Harris that her brother was making threats towards her;
• Birge Road, Como, Lieutenant Harris investigated another incident where the Como resident was receiving death threats. The complainant stated that the suspect also attempted to run them off the road as they were driving west on Smart Road.
April 4
• Bobwhite Drive, Pope resident reported to Lieutenant Mills that her neighbor’s dog is constantly barking and that she can’t get any rest due to the noise.
• Dummyline Road resident reported to Major Albert Perkins that someone stole his decal off of his tag;
April 5
• Deputy Darryl House was dispatched to Partee Road in response to an abandoned burned vehicle. The vehicle was parked in the driveway of an unoccupied home;
• Havens Road, Enid resident reported to Deputy Lott that someone was calling and texting her stating that he was going to beat her up and then kill her;
• Deputy Harold Lewis spoke to a Birge Road, Como resident who stated that someone wants to kill him because the individual thinks that the complainant is from a rival gang in Memphis.
According to the report, the suspect threatened the complainant stating that he would shoot him in the face;
• Detective Arnold investigated a report of threats on Paducah Wells Road where the resident stated that some individuals were texting her 13-year-old daughter and harrassing her;
• Hwy 310, Como resident reported to Lt. David Mills that he was threatened at the Old B52 store because he thought that the complainant had made charges against him;
• Country Village Road, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Market that someone came into her home and stole a 46” Magnavox Smart LED TV and two weed trimmers;
• Courtland resident named a suspect to Deputy Mark Lott who has her computer and will not return it;
• Curtis-Locke Station Road resident told to Deputy Renfroe that she got mad and threw the suspect’s phone at him and that the suspect then threw her to the floor causing her to hit her head and face;
April 6
Lieutenant Harris responded to Shell Road for a report of vandalism to the resident’s Mazda Protégé. The complainant stated that he and his girlfriend got into an argument and later that day the she poured some type of cooking oil inside of the vehicle, broke the front windshield and cut the passenger side front tire.
• Detective Beavers responded to a disturbance on Crouch Road where a couple got into an altercation. Neither party filed any charges.
April 7
• Deputy Brian Griffin was dispatched to Roberson Lane, Batesville where the complaintant stated that someone came onto his front porch and caused a disturbance. The complainant also stated that the individual was told not to come onto the property;  
• Tom Cooper Road resident called Deputy Jeremy Hailey to report that  his house had been shot. The resident stated that when he arrived home he noticed that his front window had been shot and noticed several bullet holes in the trailer;
• Floyds Island, Sardis resident stated that someone stole her medication. Detective Danny Beavers is investigating;
•  Deputy Roberson was dispatched to Ed Pratcher Road, Como, where a resident reported that someone stole his green 2003 Honda four wheeler;
April 8
Lt. Chuck Tucker responded to a break in on Hwy 35 South where victim stated that someone broke into the store, stole 25 packs of Newport Menthol Cigarettes, eight packs of red Newports, 70 packs of Pom Pom and Swisher Sweet Cigars, and a lock box with approximately $25.
Lieutenant Tucker states in his report that the security cameras were pointed at the ceiling and the security system was torn off the wall. The case was turned over to Detective Arnold;
Juvenile Offense Report
• Two teens, ages 13 and 15, found themselves in a bit of a pickle for an April 4 burglary on Ramsey Circle;
• A Lovejoy Road resident reported a missing 15-year-old.
Motor vehicle accidents
• March 31, vehicle backed into another in the sheriff’s office parking lot;
• April 1, driver fell asleep and hit a bridge on SpringHill Road;
• April 2, vehicle hit a deer on Dummyline Road.
• April 3, truck had a blowout and ran off Fulmer Road.
• April 5 vehicle sideswiped another on Old Panola Road. An injury was reported.
• April 5, vehicle accident occurred on Burford Road.
• April 6, vehicle dodged a deer on Sardis Lake Drive.
• April 7, a vehicle was run off of Compress Road, Como by another vehicle. An injury was reported.

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