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Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 7, 2016

Police seeking victims of weekend burglaries

By John Howell
Batesville police are looking for victims of weekend vehicle burglaries. They have recovered some of the loot.
Patrolling officers early Sunday morning spotted a person walking through the Square early morning who appeared to be avoiding them.
The man had been previously arrested for vehicle burglaries, and when officers backtracked along the route he had likely walked before they talked with him, they found several items that had been dropped, according to deputy police chief Jimmy McCloud and captain George Williford.
A heavy dew had formed early Sunday, yet one of the items had been dropped so recently that it was still dry, Williford said.
Anyone who lives west of Eureka Street on Johnson Street, Batesville Drive or Dabney Station is urged to check the contents of their vehicle to make sure they were not victimized, Williford said. Panola Avenue residents are also urged to check for items missing from vehicles.
Vehicle owners are urged to check for missing electronic devices, firearms or wallets. Anyone who discovers themselves to have been a victim is urged to contact the Batesville Police Department at 563-5653 to describe what they are missing, Williford said.
Police believe that they have reunited one stolen item with its owner.
A Dabney Station bicycle owner on Sunday reclaimed a bicycle that police recovered during their investigation, patrolman Zack White’s report states.
The burglar’s usual method targets unlocked vehicles to avoid noise from breaking windows.
“If it’s locked, he moves on,” McCloud said.
“First of all, lock your car,” the deputy chief said, repeating advice that he has offered many times in recent months.
“It’s just like wearing your seat belt if you get into the habit,” Williford said.
In another burglary, a Eureka Street property owner reported on April 1 the theft of a dinner bell, cotton scale, three large black pots and a coat rack, according to patrolman Matt McCool’s report. The items were last seen March 25, the owner told police.

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