Sheriff’s Report 4/1/16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sheriff’s report: Resident flees home after apparent break-in

By Ashley Crutcher
Panola County Sheriff’s Department officers continue an investigation into a curious March 19 incident where a Fulmer Road, Como resident told Lt. Kelvin Taylor that she had fled to the nearby home of her uncle when men dressed in black broke into the house.
The victim had left her brother and her nephew behind in the house, according to Taylor’s report. When the victim and her uncle returned to the house, her brother and his son were gone, according to Taylor’s report.
The deputy sheriff found blood, signs of struggle and evidence of a gun having been fired in the house, Taylor’s report states. A check with the North Oaks Hospital Emergency Room in Senatobia located the brother and his son. While another officer went to the hospital for interviews, Investigator Jimmy Shannon arrived to gather further evidence including photos.
The investigation was among 31 incidents from March 11 to March 23 for which the Panola County Sheriff’s Department released reports this week.
Arson investigator Terry Smith responded to a Waldrup Road trailer home fire March 21, 7 p.m. The trailer was unoccupied and there was apparently no power going into the home, according to the report.
There are no known causes of the fire at this time as the incident is under further investigation.  

March 17, Henderson Road, resident reported to Deputy Darryl House that her boyfriend used abusive language and kicked her door in.
March 18, Oxford resident reported being sexually assaulted in Panola County.
March 19, Ramsey Circle, Sardis resident got into an altercation and suffered several lacerations and contusions and was transported by ambulance for his injuries.
March 20, Sanders Road resident told Deputy Britton Crawford that his brother pulled a gun on him at Sardis ball park and shot at him three times.
March 21, McClyde Road, Sardis victim told Deputy Harold Lewis that her grandson kicked in her bathroom door, threatened her, and stole $25.
March 21, Deer Creek Road resident told Deputy Mark Lott that she was assaulted and that the attacker’s father stopped him.
March 22, Pope-Water Valley Road, Pope resident states that her roommate has been abusive towards her, slapping and pushing her. Complainant states she just wants him to leave her property.

March 19, Crouch Road resident reported to Deputy Crawford that someone stole medicine from his medicine cabinet.
March 19, New Patts Bluff, Sardis, resident states that he placed a bill in the mail and that when he went back to check the mail the flag was still raised but the mail was gone. He then drove up the road and found the mail open and a check torn up.
March 20, Pope Water Valley Road, Pope resident reported to Deputy Mark Allen that someone came by the home and dropped off some tools and then loaded a front porch swing onto their vehicle and drove off.
March 20, Leslie Road, Pope reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey that  someone had broken into her home and stole three social security cards, three birth certificates, two Fossil watches and various jewelry.
March 21, Farrish Gravel Road resident reported to Deputy Dean Jones that here vehicle tag was lost or stolen.
March 23, Leutenant Willie Harris was dispatched to Mallard Point Road. Residents state that someone broke into their home and stole $700, medicine and their checkbook.
March 23, Hwy 6 East resident reported to Lieutenant Harris that someone tried to break into his home. The complainant noticed an open window and foot prints on the back door. Nothing was reported missing.
March 23, Lieutenant Harris investigated another theft on Eureka Road where the resident stated that his neighbor’s daughter bullied his daughter and stole her phone.

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Malicious Mischief
Three incidences of malicious mischief were reported to the Sheriff’s Office on March 22.
    Deputy House was dispatched to Pinelake Drive where the resident noticed a crack to her windshields. Complainant states that someone shot her windshield with a BB gun.
    Shiloh Road resident reported to Deputy Dean Jones that her ex-boyfriend was trying to get into her vehicle and punctured her right front tire with a screwdriver and ran off.
    Deputy Lott was dispatched to Good Hope Road where the resident reported that her neighbor would continuously put brush and glass in her driveway and that when she and her husband would ask him to stop it would start an altercation.

March 21, Sardis Lake Drive resident reported to Deputy Lott that an individual was threatening her son and going through her mail.
March 21, Pope Water Valley Road, Pope resident reported to Leutenant David Mills that  someone was threatening her.
March 22, Todd Road, resident reported to Detective Danny Beavers that he was recieving death threats from an unknown person.
March 22, Fox Run Drive, Courtland resident reported to Lt. Mills that she and her daughter were receiving threatening texts.
The Sheriff’s Office received a report of vandalism at a residence on Pinelake Drive in Batesville on March 18. Deputy George Renfroe spoke to the complainant who stated that she found flats on both driver side tires of her 2002 Nissan Van and that someone painted on the front of her shed.

Animal cruelty
Two incidences of animal cruelty were reported to the Sheriff’s Office on March 19 and March 20.
March 19, Pine Street, Pope resident reported to Deputy Allen that their neighbor’s  Pitbull killed their dog. On the scene witnesses reported that the dog was shot with a pellet rifle by a neighbor.
The neighbor stated that the dogs were fighting in the road and he shot at them to scare the dogs but was not aware that the rifle was loaded.
March 20, South Pocahontas Street, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Crawford that her neighbor has continuously threatened her about her dogs coming into his yard. The complainant states that the night before she hear a gun shot and a dog yelping. The following morning the complainant found her dog dead.

Motor Vehicle
 Accident Report:
March 11, vehicle backed into another vehicle on Heafner Road
March 19, one vehicle ran into a ditch on Ballentine Road.
March 20, a vehicle crossed the yellow line and hit another vehicle on Sanders Road
March 23, hit and run on Shell Road
According to the report, none of the incidences resulted in any injuries.