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Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bond reduction denied for man charged in Osbirn St. shooting

By Emily Williams
A defendant charged with aggravated assault showed anger by uttering profanities after a preliminary hearing in Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday.
Markevious Q. Robinson, 10 Browning St., Batesville, signed a waiver for a preliminary hearing for charges of aggravated assault by shooting Dennis Trumaine Rudd with a handgun at 108 Osbirn St. on February 21, 2016.
Judge Bill McKenzie explained to Robinson, “This is a brief trial. No matter what I rule, the grand jury will still make a decision. I suggest you remain silent. I have no jurisdiction of this case.”
Detective Tommy Crutcher testified the Batesville Police Department was called to Osbirn Street for shots fired.
Crutcher explained there were three witnesses at the scene when they arrived.
After the judge asked about the victim’s wellbeing the detective replied, “he still has bullets in him. They haven’t removed them yet. Merit Health said he had three bullets and Memphis said he had six bullets. We recovered eight shell casings at the scene.”
Rudd is still in the hospital in Memphis.
“The witnesses said they pulled up to the residence and Markevious was in the road and shot Dennis (Rudd),” Crutcher testified.
“What was the reason?” the judge asked.
“They said they didn’t know,” the detective replied.
“He (Robinson) turned himself in while we were on the scene,” Crutcher said.
“How did he know?” McKenzie asked.
“He said he heard it on the street.”
Detective Crutcher said the next morning they read Robinson his rights and Robinson’s alibi was that he was sitting at Patton Lane with James Parker.
“James Parker said he didn’t know Robinson and didn’t have anything to do with him,” the detective said.
Blood was on the seats of the car rented by Dennis Rudd. One of the witnesses was still in the car when police arrived the detective continued
The case file had photos of the blood on the seats of the car.
“Do you want to look at any of that?” the judge asked Robinson.
Robinson shook his head no.
“You don’t have to talk, but I will listen,” the judge told Robinson.
“He interviewed the wrong man! I was with Jeremy Parker, not James Parker. I was 5 p.m. and I was at Patton Lane with Jeremy Parker and standing in the road when somebody told me I had shot somebody and I didn’t so I called my mama,” Robinson said.
“There’s definite probable cause. A preliminary hearing doesn’t find you guilty or not guilty, but you are referred to the grand jury,” McKenzie ruled.
Robinson questioned his bond.
“A bond reduction is denied,” McKenzie added.
“Why denied!” Robinson exclaimed.
“Because I denied it,” the judge replied.
As Robinson walked back to chambers to be transferred back to the county jail he uttered profanities directed to the court.
Robert Odom, 5330 Cohay Rd., Horn Lake, failed to appear to answer shoplifting charges. Al Williams Bonding was notified.
Robert. D. Pickett, 412 Bloom St., Jackson, had a case for shoplifting-second offense continued due to him being transferred to another county on felony charges.
James A. Ladd, 1105 Hawkins Rd., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting shrimp, beef rolls and other food items worth $67.08 from Walmart but entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting four packs of ribs from Kroger worth $51.73.
A trial was set for March 30. “You have to make bond before you can get out of jail,” the judge explained.
Ladd is also being held for Grenada County for other charges.
Tina M. Nolan, 22700 Hwy. 51 N, Sardis, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting shoes worth $9.87 from Wamart along with trespassing for being at Walmart on February 27.
Nolan has been told in the past she’s not allowed in Walmart due to her shoplifting history.
She also entered a guilty plea for shoplifting at Walmart and possession of controlled substance (60 soma pills) on September 14.
She entered another guilty plea to shoplifting again in September after taking clothing and other items from Walmart.
Nolan’s total fines were $4,298.
“When were you first told to stay away from Walmart?”
Nolan said she was told the first time she was caught shoplifting.
“I’m trying to turn my life around.  I am going to school. If you can give me time, I can pay my fines when I get my grand money in April,” Nolan pleaded.
The judge asked where Nolan was going to school.
“I’m going to American University. It’s online,” she replied.
“You get a grant to go to school and you want to pay your fines with it? Is that legal?” the judge asked.
The judge ordered Nolan to pay her fines in full within 60 days or serve six months in jail.
Collins Phillips, 3107 Park Place, Como, paid fins of $225 in full prior to court for public drunk.
Zane G. Rawson, 498 445 CR, Oxford, paid fines of $225 in full prior to court for public drunk.
James A. Ladd II, 740-A Wells Ext., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle. “You’ll come out better in the end if you would leave the drugs alone,” Judge McKenzie said.
Ladd was fined $683.
Corey J. Wright, 151 MLK No. 3 Ext., Courtland, was fined $848 for possession of marijuana in a vehicle and careless driving.
Shannon Earby, 11 Ellzey Rd., Sardis, paid $327 in full prior to court for open container but failed to appear in court and pay old fines of $1,797 due since May 2015.
A warrant was issued.
Kedrick T. Sanford, 93 Greg Taylor Rd., Courtland, paid his fine of $328 in full prior to court for simple assault.
Geraud Shegog-King, 119 Field St., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault.
“Are you still with this woman?” the judge asked about the victim.
King said he was still with his girlfriend.
“She didn’t press the charges,” King said.
“The officers pressed the charges,” the judge explained.
A trial was set for April 20.
King also had old fines of $1,146 due since December 2015. He was told to have his fines paid in full or spend time in jail.
Myron M. Walton, 223 West St., Batesville, paid fines of $765.50 in full prior that have been due since December 2013.
Patricia Ann Burdette, 107 MLK Dr. Apt 7, Batesville, was given credit for time served to satisfy her fines of $4,258.12 due since June 2014.
Kevin B. Connor, 1159-A Lawrence Bros, Batesville, entered a guilty plea prior to court for open container and paid his fines of $327.

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