Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 17, 2016

County Dems –some of them– met for caucuses

By Rupert Howell
Some of the local Democrats caucused last Saturday electing representatives to the county convention scheduled for Saturday, March 10, while some complained that their precinct locations were locked, causing some participants to caucus in the cold.
Acting Democrat Chairman Lourine Robinson said Monday that while most went well, all but two, possibly three, of Panola’s 25 precincts will be represented in the county convention March 10, although some were late in turning in their delegates, or paperwork might have not been completed properly.
Robinson was most concerned that the Batesville Courthouse and Batesville City Hall were not opened for the caucuses. They are both taxpayer-owned buildings, she said.
District Five Supervisor Cole Flint said he was contacted late Friday about keeping the courthouse open and later questioned the economics of having all 25 precinct places opened on a holiday weekend when only a few people were participating in the process. Flint, a Democrat, added that he did not have keys to the courthouse.
Batesville Mayor Jerry Autrey, also a Democrat, said he was made aware of need late Friday afternoon after city staff had left for the weekend and said he drove by city hall that morning and saw no one.
Selected delegates, up to 142, according to Robinson, will decide who will attend the congressional district and state caucuses that will meet April 9 and May 21, respectively.
From the state meeting, delegates and alternates will be selected for the national Democratic Convention.
Robinson said local delegates, six elected from each supervisor district, will serve as the county’s 30-member Democratic Executive Committee. From that committee a county chairman and secretary will be elected March 29, she said.

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