Batesville Municipal Court 5/8/2015

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 8, 2015

City judge orders defendant to attend parenting class

By Emily Williams
During Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday, Judge Bill McKenzie ordered a young lady to attend parenting classes.

Qcherrell Blackburn, 117-G Lester St., Batesville, was found guilty of contributing to a delinquency of a minor by abandoning her two-year-old child in her apartment.

Officer Gary Morris testified he received a call from the apartment manager about a child left alone.

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“When I arrived the child had been there long enough that he had opened the door and walked down a flight of stairs,” the officer testified.

The apartment manager testified, “The child was on the balcony.”

The officer told the judge the baby had knocked on someone’s door looking for his mama.
Blackburn told the judge she went to another apartment to make a phone call.

“He wasn’t supposed to be able to get out,” she testified.

DHS was notified and knew Blackburn from previous incidents, the officer said.

The apartment manager told the judge Nurturing Mother classes were offered at Skyview Apartments and she was disappointed when Blackburn didn’t show up to the first class.

Blackburn was ordered to attend every class.

Napolean Harris, 1475 Hadorn Rd. #24, Batesville, had a charge for domestic violence-simple assault dismissed after explaining to the judge that affiant Qcherrell Blackburn spit on his van and hit him after she left the DHS office.

Harris told the judge he dated Blackburn’s mother, Annie.

Harris told the judge the argument was over Blackburn’s three children, “Welfare had the baby,” he said.

Annie Blackburn told the judge her daughter did hit Harris first.

Xavier M. Wilson, 217 MLK Dr., Batesville, had a case dismissed for petit larceny after the affiant, Keiandra Thomas, failed to appear to prosecute.

A warrant was issued for Lashunda S. McMiller, 98 Will Stewart, Batesville, after she failed to appear to answer charges for malicious mischief.

McMiller was also scheduled for a trial for disorderly conduct-failure to comply and old fines of $987 due since February 2015. After testimony from Sgt. Ruby Myers, the judge found McMiller guilty in her absence.

Carol Ann Booth, 262 Bill Wallace Rd., Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to two counts of simple assault and malicious mischief. A trial was set for May 20.

Lisa M. Powell, 98 Will Stewart Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to simple assault to create fear. A trial was set for May 20.

Deshaun M. Alexander, 376 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, had a case dismissed for domestic violence-simple assault after the affiant, Daltrice Rudd, failed to appear to prosecute.

Kendron O. Faulkner, 208 Pearson St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple and carrying a concealed weapon. He was fined $984.

Tabitha D. Pittman, 206 James St., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting-third offense at Walmart. She entered a guilty plea to trespassing at Walmart and was fined $417.
A trial was set for May 13.

Timothy Wayne Holloway entered a guilty plea to shoplifting wipes, key chain and other items worth $20.76 from Walmart and disorderly conduct-failure to comply and resisting arrest. He was fined $1,474.

Shannon Earby, 11 Ellzey Rd., Sardis, had a charge for two counts of possession of controlled substance remanded to the files after he showed he had a prescription. He was fined $155 for no turn signal.

Earby also had old fines of $3,272 due.

During a case set for trial, Eddie Jackson, 8221-A Curtis Rd., Batesville, had a case for public profanity proven after testimony from Officer Wesley Hawkins, but no fine was imposed.