Batesville Municipal Court 12/23/2014

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Defendant referred to grand jury on charge of breaking, entering

By Emily D. Williams
During Batesville Municipal Court December 17 two men were referred to the grand jury by Judge Bill McKenzie

Gregory Hamilton, 106 Bradford Street, Batesville was referred to the grand jury for felony failure to stop, no seatbelt, expired tag, running a stop sign and no driver’s license. He bonded out prior to court.

Christopher Key, 517 Harmon Road, Batesville, was bound over to the grand jury for breaking and entering into a dwelling and petit larceny. MDOC also has a hold on him.

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George L. Ards, 106 A Bradford, Batesville, entered the city work release program in lieu of paying off fines of $460 that have been due since March 2014, along with an additional fine of $328 for simple assault.

Jamilla D.Bronson, 107 January Street, Belzoni, was fined $611 for telephone harassment March 31 on a charge  filed by affiant Jasmine Thomas. Due to the case occurring nine months prior, the judge asked, “Do you still want to go forward with this?”

“Yes,” replied Thomas.

The defendant’s fines are due within 30 days.

Reginald Brown, 2316 Alameda Avenue, Memphis, entered a not guilty plea to disorderly conduct, failure to comply. A trial was set for January 7. He entered a guilty plea to careless driving that occurred on December 6.

Cedric Pugh , 3523A Nash Road, Batesville, was charged with simple possession of marijuana on December 12 at TK grocery on Van Vorus.

” I was just smoking it,” Pugh told the judge when he contemplated pleading not guilty.
“Even having it in your hand is illegal. Do you know what possession is?” the judge asked, also explaining that marijuana is still illegal in Mississippi.

Pugh was fined $443.

Markeevan Ford, 2074-C Morrow Rd., Courtland, entered a guilty plea to simple possession of marijuana December17 on Hays Street. Ford also had fines of $537.50 due since Dec 2012. He entered the city work program in lieu of paying $980.50 for his total fines. Ford entered a not guilty plea to disorderly conduct-failure to comply by failing to put his hands on the car at the officer’s request. A trial was set for January 7.

Teresa Barnes, 321 Hays St. , Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting clothing and a cell phone worth 165.20 from Walmart. Barnes told the judge she was sitting in her car. A trial was set for December 31.

Christopher Ladd, 2053 Seven Road, Batesville, entered guilty pleas to DUI- second refusal, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance. He also had old fines of $487. Ladd was sentenced to jail for 5 days with mandatory community service for 10 days for the DUI-second charge. He also entered the city work program for 47 days to satisfy all of his fines, new and old.

Billy Middleton, 260 Greenbriar Circle, entered a not guilty plea of possession of counterfeit money by using it at Piggly Wiggly.

” I had been to a party and had just cashed my government check and my money was in my wallet. When I woke up I thought it was my money still in my wallet,” Middleton explained.
The judge asked Batesville Police Detective George Williford what he knew about the case. Willifod said they made copies for the Secret Service. A trial was set for January 7.

Middleton also had old fines $210 due since August 14.  He did not have an option to enter the work release program after telling the judge he just got out of rehab and is on disability.

The judge told him to have his fine paid or serve time in jail.

Anthony Harris, 156 B Will Stewart Road, Batesville, had old fines of $1,004 due since July 2014. Harris told the judge he had gotten laid off from his job. Judge McKenzie told him to have his fines paid by January 5.

“Pay it or serve it,” the judge said.

Elizabeth Pinkston, 798 Chapeltown, Courtland, faced contempt of court charges for old fines of $354 due since January 2007. She explained to the judge she had been incarcerated and straightened her life up and promised to have the fines paid. She was given 30 days to have her fines paid in full.

Cases set for trial
Jeffrey Johnson, 105 Patton Lane, Batesville was found guilty of simple assault against affiant Jaquenthis Ford. He was fined $328.

Courtney McCullar, 157 Wildwood Dr, Batesville, previously entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting from Walmart. as she approached the bench she told the judge she wanted to change her plea to guilty. She was fined $1,146.

Derek Carlisle, 2011 Latitia, Batesville, had a continuance until February 25 for a trial on charges of DUI, no proof of insurance, no driver’s license, open container, and driving without headlights. He was represented by attorney David Walker.

Roy McGee 130 Williams Street, Batesville, was found guilty of disorderly conduct- failure to comply. He was fined $347.