Forrest Clark, Jr. Letter to Editor – 10/31/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 31, 2014

Political correctness leading to cycle of political craziness

I am a conservative from Mississippi and typically vote Republican, but I would identify the two Republican Senators from Mississippi, Cochran and Wicker, as well as ex-Governor Republican Haley Barbour as politicians that have sold out their state and raided state and federal treasuries and raped the respective tax payers for the sake of the new political craziness.

It could be said that the road of political corruption leads to the tomb of political insanity.
PC progression is political corruption which leads to political correctness which leads to political craziness which repeats the cycle.

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It is not just the Republicans, the Democrats are just as guilty. Vice President Joe Biden and ex-Vice President Al Gore are prime examples.

What will it take to break the cycle?

In Mississippi we have Nissan, Toyota, and Southern Company (owner of the controversial Kemper Co. Power Plant), chief among others, being subsidized by the state.

Those deals were led by Barbour, Lott Chochran and Wicker. So please do not stop with Elon Musk and Tesla.

The subsidies that I most despise, however, are the ones led by the Democrats for the movie and entertainment industries.

No state should pay for the “right” to have a movie produced in their state. In fact the movies should pay to the states a royalty fee for the advantage for the privilege of filming in the state.

If the royalty fees and cost of doing business in California are too high then they can easily go to another state that is less expensive, but  for any state to subsidize the entertainment industry in the State of California is political insanity.

Any state that subsidizes the movie industry is subsidizing the State of California as well. It is apparent that California Gov. Jerry Brown understands this.

Why do the governors of the other 49 states not understand it?

Any state that subsidizes a foreign company is subsidizing that foreign country as well.

Why do state governments not understand this?

The latest in this nonsense is the Affordable Care Act. It is nothing new, it is just the latest plan in a long progression of progressive policy changes that support a new class of business and political thieves.

To the victor go the spoils. Obama and the Democrats are not innovative, they are just copying a proven method of corruption.

Who will be the government subsidized billionaires of the medical industry? Why does the scourge of  pollution from medical waste not get the same attention as that of “carbon emissions”?
Maybe we should create “medical emissions standards.”

When the medical industry becomes a nationalized industry we will consider these issues and others.
Any state that supports the ACA is subsidizing the federal government by the gross increase in mandated taxes.

America got obamaed, musked, fleeced and screwed—take your pick.

Forrest Clark, Jr.