John Howell Sr. editorial 10/17/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 17, 2014

Head swiveling aids in survival in local traffic

 (Read along if you want.)
One. Right turns only. No more left turns when entering Highway 6 if traffic is present.
Sure, you can carefully pick your moment. When the oncoming traffic from your left thins out, jump to the center lane and wait until you can join the flow that is coming from your right. But there may be somebody waiting on the opposite side of Highway 6 waiting to enter the same way but in the opposite direction.
That is when the direction of traffic flows exceeds my ability to coordinate with them the operation of my vehicle. Thus far I have avoided a head-on collision. Right turns only would greatly increase my chances of further avoiding them.
Two. Green lights do not mean go! Not here. Not anywhere else I drive for that matter, but certainly not on Highway 6 in Batesville where east/west bound motorists have the opportunity for eight traffic light encounters.
The safe procedure for proceeding when the traffic signal turns green in Batesville is to quickly look both ways. If nothing is coming from either perpendicular approach, ease forward into the intersection while continuing to look both ways (I’ve come to resemble a swivelhead at this juncture).
Once you are sure that no oncoming motorist is trying to latch on to the tailwind of the traffic signal that turned from yellow to red some moments before, hit the accelerator hard and scoot across the intersection. Remember, the sooner you get out of that intersection the greater are your odds of avoiding the dreaded T-bone.
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