Batesville Municipal Court 7/18/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 18, 2014

Assault charges remanded after family agrees to leave victim alone

By Emily D. Williams

Judge Bill McKenzie agreed to remand assault charges  after a family agreed to have no contact with the affiant during Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday.

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Mary Moore, Steven Moore, Brian Moore and Laura Jean Tucker, 117 Jones St., Batesville, all had simple assault charges remanded to the files.

The defendants previously appeared in court on June 4 entering not guilty pleas to assaulting Tina Jenkins, causing bodily injury on the grounds of the Civic Center on May 23 while attending a carnival.

During the June 4 session of court Jenkins told the judge, “I blacked out after they hit me, I don’t remember much, but they did break my nose.” 

Attorney Helen Kelly spoke on Jenkins behalf.

“Tina said she would remand the charges if everyone would leave her alone. What everyone wants is to not have trouble with an understanding that every party has no contact,” Kelly said.

Judge McKenzie agreed it was a sensible solution.

“Life is too short for this,” he added.

Anthony Carter, 213 Henry Heafner Rd., Batesville, entered the city’s work release program for 16 days in lieu of paying $883.50 in old fines due since May 2011.

Thomas Clayton, 586 North Loop Dr., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to simple assault by threat. A trial was set for August 6.

Willie Draper, 205 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, had a case for simple assault by threat continued.

Tyson Woods, 1525 Fairway Dr., Naperville, Ill., was sentenced to 15 days in jail for disorderly conduct-failure to comply, possession of paraphernalia and resisting arrest on July 9.

Woods also had felony charges in Arkansas on the same date. 

“You were arrested in Arkansas and Mississippi in one trip?” the judge asked.

Woods told the judge he ran from police because he did not have a driver’s license. 

Detective Jeremiah Brown explained to the judge that Woods had felony shoplifting charges in West Memphis, Ark. 

Woods ran from police in Arkansas and was stopped in Batesville.

“I hope you get your life straight. No one can do it but you,” McKenzie said.

Woods will serve his time in Panola for his misdemeanor charges then be extradited to Arkansas.

Kimberly Carr, 435 Quincy Ave., Clarksdale, was fined $1,131 after entering a guilty plea to shoplifting two packs of ribeye steaks from Piggly Wiggly worth $49.35 on July 10. 

Shannon Leach, Mt. Level Rd., Sardis, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting $13.96 worth of items from Walmart. She was fined $1,739.

Willie B. Benson Jr., 3376-A Eureka Rd., Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges for possession of marijuana in a vehicle. Fox Bonding was notified.

Pamela Sullivan, 494 Perry Rd., Grenada, had a case for possession of controlled substance (misdemeanor) continued.

Ricky Henderson, 125 Jackson St., Batesville, had a bond set for $5,000 for felony possession of controlled substance and was referred to the Grand Jury. He also was fined $715 for trespassing and simple assault.

Henderson was previously told to stay away from Skyview Apartments and Lester Street Apartments.

“You have no business being over there. You stay away from those apartments,” McKenzie ordered.

Melvin Williams, 245 Somerset Dr., Jackson, was fined $779 for DUI-first. He had a reckless driving charge dropped.

He was represented by Attorney Helen Kelly.

David Morgan, 312 CR 1107, Oxford, was fined $779 for DUI-first and had a careless driving charge dropped. He was represented by Attorney Helen Kelly.

Danny Robinson, 219 Perkins Lane, Batesville, had a domestic violence-simple assault charge amended to simple assault after a short trial. He was fined $313.

Anquniha Brown, 1748 John Branch Rd., Batesville, was found guilty of telephone harassment and fined $611.

Michael Brassell, 905 Bennett St., Columbia, had a warrant issued after failing to appear in court with proof he paid old fines.