Batesville Municipal Court 7/4/2014

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Store’s detective provides evidence in shoplifting cases

By Emily D. Williams

Five defendants faced shoplifting charges during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday, with an Oxford man returning to plead his case before Judge Bill McKenzie, who had already ruled against the man’s friend in the same case last month.

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Charles Raspberry 2 CR, Oxford, was represented by attorney Tommy Defer on a charge of shoplifting batteries from Walmart on May 14.

Raspberry was in court May 28 with Ulysses Key who was found guilty of the same shoplifting charges of taking two batteries. 

He appeared as a witness for Key, who told the judge he was not trying to steal anything.

A Walmart asset protection associate, who had video evidence of both men taking the batteries, testified he saw them put the batteries in their buggy and place the batteries in Walmart bags.

Surveillance video footage showed both Key and Raspberry walk through a check out line with no cashier and try to exit the store as they pushed their buggy.

“I believe they already had the sacks in their pockets,” he said.

 The associate said they then walked through a non working register and started walking away when he stopped them before exiting the store.

The judge ruled he was guilty.

“I don’t understand contesting,” McKenzie said. “The court recalls the co-defendant being found guilty and there’s no evidence there was any attempt to pay for batteries.” 

 An appeal bond was set at $1,500 and Raspberry was fined $1,131.

Other shoplifting cases

Cassandra D. Lewis, 1414 B Curtis Locke Station Road, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting clothes, makeup, lotion and other items worth $54.34 from Walmart.

She was fined $1,131 and banned from Walmart.

“If you come back in here for stealing be ready to go to jail,” said McKenzie.

Shannon Leach, 303 Mt. Level Rd., Sardis, failed to appear to answer shoplifting charges and old fines. Pugh Bonding was notified.

Sasha Nathan, 715 Logan Avenue, Lambert, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting shirts, shorts, and other items worth $52.85 from Walmart on June 21. She was fined $1,131.

Kawaii Phillips, 201 Atkins St., Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to shoplifting 10 red uniform school shirts work $59.90 on August 2, 2013 from Burke’s.

Phillips told the judge she turned herself in to the police for different charges on June 23 but she did not plead guilty to the shoplifting charges.

Grand Jury

Califfero Purnell, 224 Gordon Dr., Batesville, was referred to the grand jury for possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Failure to appear

Markevious Robinson, 105 Browning Street, Batesville, failed to appear to answer disorderly conduct/ failure to comply charges. Alright Bonding was notified.

Anthony Harris, 156-B Will Stewart Rd., Batesville, failed to appear to answer possession of marijuana in a vehicle and a one headlight charges. Alright Bonding was notified.

Contempt of court

Danny J. Webster, 2585 C Chapeltown Road, Courtland, entered the city’s work release program for 15 days in lieu of paying $2,752 for contempt of court.

Shimoya Brown, 228 Noble Street, Batesville, paid old fines of $381 in full prior to court for contempt of court.

Latonya Smith, 407 S. Laura St., Webb, faces petit larceny charges for theft while working off fines while on the city’s work release program. The affiant is Michael Webster, who is employed by the City of Batesville as foreman of the CWP. The case was continued.

Other cases

Damon Andrews, 107 Martin Luther King, Batesville, entered guilty pleas to possession of marijuana-less than an ounce and false information to an officer about his identity. He also had old fines of $391.25 due since March 2014.

Andrews also had domestic violence charges recently filed and that case will be heard next Wednesday. 

Ashlie Ellis, 185 6th West St., Crowder, entered a guilty plea to false pretense (x3) from Walmart by taking a baby item worth $106.98 to customer service and getting a refund on May 23; also an item worth $69.42 on June 11 and taking a toy worth $74.87 on June 19 from the baby department and fraudulently returning items and getting refunds.  

“So you just took the things to customer service and got a refund? You never left the store with them?” the judge asked.

Ellis nodded.

She was fined $1,058.

Levi McKinney Jr, Patterson Street, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to malicious mischief a trial was set for July 9.

Alexis Taylor, 12475 west Hwy 310, Como, had a simple assault charge dismissed after the Affion Rolando Williams failed to appear to prosecute. 

Taylor also had a loud music charge and paid those fines in full prior to court. 

Devonta Pride, 6317 Hwy. 6 West, Batesville, had a simple assault charge dismissed after affiant Richard Caine failed to appear to prosecute.

Montinez Green, 103 Field Street, Batesville, had a simple assault- causing bodily injury case dismissed after the affiant, Chandra Hudson, failed to appear to prosecute.


Mateo Gomez Perez, 112 Central St., Batesville, was fined $511 for no drivers license and no proof of insurance.

Tad Ruchard Little, 307 Jennings St, Sumner, was fined $760 for no proof of insurance and disregard for traffic device.