Family asks for support to keep murderer in prison 6/27/2014

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 27, 2014

Mike Weaver

Family asks for support to keep murderer in prison

As many from our community are aware, on March 11, 1981, Mike L. Weaver was murdered in Charleston during the commission of an armed robbery of a business. Mike was 14 years old, and was out of school for spring break. He caught a ride with our neighbor that morning to work and make money. He had already picked out a new dress for Mama for Mother’s Day and put it on lay-a-way. He wanted to earn enough money over Spring Break to pay for the dress.

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One of Mike’s murderer’s, John L. Booker, Inmate #38388, is coming up for parole in July. Booker was originally given the death penalty for Mr. O. M. Martin’s murder, who was killed at the same time Mike was during the armed robbery. His death penalty was later overturned by the Mississippi Supreme Court.  

Anyone who would like to protest Booker’s release back to the community can call the Parole Board at 601-576-3520, can fax a letter to the Parole Board at 601-576-3528, or can write a letter to the Mississippi State Parole Board, 600 North State Street, Suite 100-A, Jackson, Mississippi  39202. 

We have a meeting scheduled Monday, June 30, 2014, at 1:30 p.m., at the Mississippi Parole Board Office in Jackson, where we will once again be meeting with the Parole Board to tell Mike’s story. This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Mike’s murderers have come up for parole many, many times over the years – the first time 10 years after he was killed. Each time, we have met with the Parole Board to tell Mike’s story.  Mike was taken from our family and we have never been the same. Our children have grown up without knowing their Uncle. Death was pronounced upon Mike that spring day when he was 14 years old. A life sentence was pronounced upon his family and friends. There is no way Mike could avoid his death sentence, and now we cannot avoid serving our life sentences as victims of such a senseless crime. 

For justice to be served and prevail, we ask that you assist us with ensuring Mike’s murderers serve their life sentences behind bars. Justice will never bring Mike back, but justice certainly could keep some other little boy and his family from going through what our family has since March 11, 1981.

If anyone would like a form protest letter to protest the parole of John E. Booker, please call law office of Victoria Prince Ryals at 662-563-4300 and request it. One will be sent to you. The office is located at 106 Court Street, Batesville. If anyone would like to go by the office and sign a protest letter, we will mail to the Mississippi Parole Board for you. If you would like to write your letter and drop it by the law office, we will be happy to get this to the Parole Board for you. 

Thank you for your support over all of these years. We would appreciate very much your continued support and your prayers for our Mother, Joyce Weaver, This is always an extremely difficult time for her.


Wanda W. Prince

Post Office Box 949

Batesville, MS  38606