Batesville Municipal Court 2/14/2014

Felony weapon possession case continued

By Emily D. Williams
The case of Elliot B. Andrews, 211 Deaton, Batesville, charged with possession of a weapon by a felon, felony possession of controlled substance and simple possession of marijuana, was continued in Batesville City Court Wednesday.

MDOC has a hold on Andrews, who is arranging for an attorney to represent him in court.
Anthony Young, 4181 Meadow Creek Dr., Horn Lake, had a grand larceny case referred to the grand jury.

Charity L. Greer, 1151 Circle Rd., Grenada, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting. She was fined $1,131. She has 30 days to serve in Grenada for charges there.

“If you steal in Batesville again be ready to go to jail,” Judge Bill McKenzie said.
D’untae Pugh, 3523-A Nash Rd., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault.

Pugh admitted to assaulting his girlfriend by biting her at the Batesville Police Department.
He entered the city’s work program for seven days in lieu of paying $402.

Joshua M. Wilkinson, 2010 Scotland Rd., Coldwater, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. He was fined $402.

The judge gave him 90 days in jail and suspended the sentence, pending good behavior.

Marquita Cauthen, 231 Van Voris, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. She was fined $402. She also had old fines of $193.75 due since July 2013. The judge ordered her to pay $595.75 within 30 days or face 90 days in jail.

George Appling III, 7102 Riverhill Dr., Riverdale, Ga., paid a cash fine in full prior to court for simple possession of marijuana. He was fined $428.

William C. Gammill, 121 Marie St., Batesville, had a case for  DUI-refusal, speeding, and no proof of insurance remanded to the files after a plea agreement. He was represented by attorney Kirk Willingham.

Jamie L. Jones, 210 Garson, Batesville and Roger L. Hentz, 101 Grenada Bld., Greenwood, agreed to a lifetime ban from Autozone in a plea agreement after being charged with shoplifting.
Both defendants agreed to stay away from Autozone in agreement to have the charges remanded to the court files.

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