Rupert Howell editorial 11/26/2013

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Among blessings to count: local government

Covering news of county and municipal governments and agencies has its ups and downs. And yes, good news doesn’t sell newspapers like bad news.

But after almost four decades of this business of watching over local government, there are a couple of things I’ve come to believe.

The first is, local government is the best value for the amount of money spent.

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There is a saying that compares government with the weather: “Everybody talks about it but nobody can do anything to change it.”

That is dead wrong on a local level and that’s why local government is the best value.
Meanwhile it’s Thanksgiving week and there are a few items I wish to mention to be thankful for involving local government.

I’m thankful for the younger officials who have new ideas and want to do things differently than in the past.

I’m thankful for the older heads in government whose years of experience make them wise especially when some younger ones want to change matters too quickly.

I’m thankful that Panola County and the City of Batesville are working together on some projects such as the connector road between House-Carlson and Pine Lodge Roads.

I’m thankful that the City of Sardis has a new mayor who has offered new energy and is dedicated to working with the current board to make Sardis better.

I’m thankful that Crenshaw has gotten back on its feet financially.

I’m thankful that the county, through the administrator and Solid Waste Department, is coming up with grants to assist with recycling our trash and throw-aways.

I’m thankful that Como officials are attempting to rein in finances and want to move ahead in a responsible manner.

I’m glad the city of Batesville board has put emphasis on progress in newer areas of the city while continuing to beautify the older portion.

I’m thankful for passionate law enforcement officers who sincerely want to make our area a better place to live as well as other first responders who put it all out there regularly so the rest of us can sleep soundly.

I’m thankful for school boards and officials who bypass petty politics and self interest and put children first.

And, I’m thankful not only for the right to write, but also for those who take time to read these words.

Happy Thanksgiving.