New engine equipped by BFD crew 8/2/2013

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 2, 2013

New engine equipped by BFD crew

By Rupert Howell

Like ants on a hill or bees on a hive, Batesville firemen were going about their tasks of racking hose and installing equipment on new Engine 13 last week at Station #1 behind Batesville’s City Hall.

At least one of the firemen, Teapot Captain Bobby York, had been on hand for equipping every new truck since #3. Close by was Banks Brasell who been present for about as many.
Neither was crawling over and under the truck like some of the younger firemen, but both were available if needed.

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Both volunteered while teenagers somewhere in the middle of the last century and  have seen many changes in the city’s fire fighting force, equipment, facilities and tactics.

The new truck cost just shy of $375,000 according to BFD Chief Tim Taylor and  retires truck #9.
Brasell says the new one won’t pump any more water than the old one, but has more up-to-date bells and whistles and most important to the Insurance Rating Bureau, it’s newer.

Local insurance agency manager Randy Boren said insurance rates for those within five miles of Batesville’s fire stations are favorably affected with his company and other insurance companies covering the area. “We all base our rates on Batesville’s good rating,” he said.

That may not mean all residents outside the city’s limits are rated at 6, the rating held by Batesville, but insurance premiums may be lower because of Batesville’s rating