Batesville Municipal Court 4/26/13

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 26, 2013

Ruling delayed in woman’s DUI case

By Emily D. Williams

After a lengthy trial with debates between the city’s prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney, Judge Jay Westfaul took a DUI case under advisement during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday, stating he would rule at a later date.

Kimberly Tedford, 151 Batesville Dr., Batesville, was represented by attorney Rusty Harlow on charges of  DUI-second offense, driving while license suspended and failure to comply with officer’s orders.

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School Resource Officer Nick Hughes, who directs traffic in the mornings at Batesville Elementary School  on College Street, testified on the morning of April 5 Kimberly Tedford did not stop to his hand signals.

“I had both sides of College Street stopped. I saw an SUV and put my hand up. Then as I noticed the vehicle was not stopping, I put both hands up,” Hughes testified.

Hughes said after the SUV belonging to Tedford passed him, he slapped the end of the vehicle screaming, “Hey!” trying to get her attention.

“She didn’t stop until the next intersection,” he said.

Hughes said Tedford had her children in her car and he took them to school and called Officer Will Parrish to the scene.

“The whites of her eyes were red, pupils dilated and she said she had a prescription to Lortab,” Hughes testified.

“I called Parrish because he is certified in field sobriety,” said Hughes.

Officer Parrish testified that Hughes called him to do a “drug abuse recognition” test.

Parrish said he finished the training about a month ago in Meridian.

“Did you receive a certificate?” asked Harlow.

Parrish said he received an acknowledgment of completion for the training.

Harlow asked if this was the first time he had ever used the training.

Parrish said, “Yes.”

Parrish told the court he used a seven-step drug recognition process.

Harlow objected saying this does not make Parrish an expert.

Attorney Harlow suggested his client take the stand.

“You had in fact taken half of a Lortab?” he asked.

“Yes,” Tedford replied.

“You broke your rib two days prior?” Harlow asked.


Tedford also testified she had a steroid cream for her eyes due to a previous eye surgery. Tedford testified the steroid causes the eyes to dilate and causes redness.

The judge said he wanted to research the issue and has taken the case under advisement with a judgement to be issued at a later date.

Other cases
Pamela Sullivan, 494 Perry Rd., Grenada, had attorney representation for felony possession of controlled substance. A not guilty plea was entered and a preliminary hearing was requested. Sullivan is being held under MDOC orders, with no bond.

James J. Arcutt, 66 Beaver Rd., Munford, Tenn., was referred to the grand jury for grand larceny.

David Hill, 8492 Hwy. 34, South, Batesville, paid his fines of $162 in full prior to court for loud music.

James Armstead, 394 Greenbriar Circle, Courtland, paid his cash fine of $210 in full prior to court for public profanity.

Michael AJ Moore, 700 Brittnay Wood, Oxford, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle and no seat belt. He was fined $703. He also had old fines of $897 that have been due since June 2008. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and was told he could be released if he paid his fines in full.

Terrance Mitchell, 309 Brittany Dr., Oxford, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle, no seat belt, driving while license suspended. He was fined $1,084.

Rodriques A. Taylor, 101 Goodhaven, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to possession of controlled substance. His trial was set for May 8.

Haven W. McGee, 209B Pamela St., Batesville, had a case continued for stalking, possession of marijuana and old fines of $420 that have been due since January 2013.

Zachery Inman, 114 Dogwood Heights, Batesville, paid his cash fine of $333 in full prior to court for possession of alcohol by a minor.

Hardin B. Snyder, 3589 Hwy. 51, Pope, entered a guilty plea to possession of alcohol by a minor, DUI and no tag lights. He was fined $1,282 due in 30 days.

Johnnie G. Williams Jr., 218 Panola, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to possession of marijuana in vehicle, DUI-second, driving while license suspended and running a stop sign. A trial was set for next Wednesday.

Quinton McDonald, 805 College Hill, Oxford, entered a not guilty plea to resisting arrest and disorderly conduct-failure to comply. A trial was set for next Wednesday.

Domingo C. Smith, 505 Magnolia St., Sardis, failed to appear to answer charges for contempt of court-old fines of $775 that have been due since April 2006. Alright Bonding was notified.

Cases were continued for Jonathan French, 111 Dawn Cove, Courtland, and Jennifer French, 277 Gray Rd., Water Valley, for domestic violence-simple assault.

Dillard Roach, 211 Tubbs Rd. No. 5, Batesville, had a trial heard in his absence for domestic violence -simple assault. He was found guilty and fined $404.