Robert Hitt Neil letter 1-29-13

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 29, 2013

‘Uncle Bob,’ outdoor columnist for 25 years, makes request

As you know, I felt that 25 years was long enough for a columnist, and I retired. 
Thursday a week ago, while undergoing an upper chest CAT scan for a bad cough, they found, quite by accident, a mass on one kidney.

After two follow-up CAT scans, a bone scan, and an ultrasound, it looks like there’s no spread anywhere else. I meet with the doctors Monday noon to see what’s next.

Although they say they’re pretty sure it’s cancer, I’ve not had a biopsy yet, so am asking for prayer that it won’t be malignant. If so, they’ll probably remove the kidney. In which case I’d certainly covet prayers!
I will try to keep you posted for the rest of the story as I know more myself.

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If there’s a way you might could pass this along to your readership, I would really appreciate it.  As I said, I had no inkling when I made the decision to retire from the syndicated column business that this was coming down the road less than a month later.

Maybe some of your readers will still remember their,
Uncle Bob
Robert Hitt Neill