Batesville Municipal Court 1/18/13

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 18, 2013

Defendant in Christmas Day murder bound over to grand jury

By Emily D. Williams

A man charged with murdering a Canton woman in Batesville on Christmas Day was bound over to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing before Judge Bill McKenzie in Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

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Michael Wright, 443 Meadowlark, Canton (who testified he was from Batesville), was represented by attorney David Walker. He is charged with the murder of Cera White Cannon of Canton, whose body was found on December 25 at 671 Hwy. 51 South in Batesville.

Detective Jeremiah Brown testified he was called in on an investigation after the body was found.

The Canton Police Department had reported Cannon missing Christmas Eve and suspected she might be in Batesville, where Wright, her former boyfriend, has relatives.

Her car was equipped with technology that allowed it to be tracked to the Highway 51 South location.

“He (Lt. John Miller) went to check on it and found the body of Cera Cannon.”

Brown testified, “Michael turned himself in to the jail for strangling his girlfriend because he went back to check on her and she was cold.”

Brown testified Wright confessed to killing Cannon.

Prosecutors are awaiting lab reports to rule out a sexual assault on the victim.

Walker asked for reduction of Wright’s $1 million bond. “He has no criminal history, he has family ties here and we ask the court for a bond reduction.”

Walker questioned the defendant about his school and work background.

“Did you attend college?”

“Yes, I went to college at Holmes. I also cut hair,” Wright answered.

“The city objects a bond reduction. There have been threats made to his family. They feel afraid,” city prosecuting attorney Bob Morris said.

“The charge of taking another human life is the most serious charge a person can have. I hate we are all here, but we are,” McKenzie said.

The case was referred to the grand jury and Wright’s bond is $500,000.

Resisting Arrest

John Aldison, 202-A Pollard, Batesville, returned to court for a trial on a resisting arrest charge.
He previously entered  a guilty plea to disorderly conduct from the December 7 incident.

During the arrest Aldison had 15 guns taken by the Batesville Police Department.
During court January 2 Aldison returned to ask about his guns being returned.

“Because of the nature of the charges we don’t believe we have the authority to take the guns,” prosecuting attorney Morris told the judge.

After testimonies from Lt. John Miller and Sgt. Gary Morris the judge found enough evidence to rule Aldison guilty of resisting arrest.

Miller and Morris both testified they were dispatched December 7 to a disturbance and the subject had a gun.

“When I arrived a female ran out of the door towards me,” Miller testified.

Miller said when he walked in the residence they saw several guns on the floor and a rifle on the wall within arm’s length from Aldison.

“For safety I wanted to remove him from the guns. I asked him to get down,” Miller said.

Both officers said Aldison acted as if he was going to surrender on the floor with his hands up but then started smiling and laughing and that’s when he lunged toward Sgt. Morris.

“I was hit and kicked several times. Morris was injured,” Miller said.

“If he had not kicked us or hit us I wouldn’t have charged him with resisting arrest.”

Aldison testified his blood sugar level was low and he was very confused when the officers entered his house.

The female, Kristen White, who also lives at the Pollard residence, told the officers they had been drinking and smoking marijuana, Miller testified.

“Were y’all smoking?” McKenzie asked.

“I don’t remember smoking. I don’t remember anything past 8 p.m.,” Aldison said.

He was fined $315 for resisting arrest.

“If marijuana makes you act that way, you may want to stop smoking it,” McKenzie added.

“Legal requirements have been met to prove you guilty,” ruled McKenzie.

Other Cases
Richard McCrary Jr., 100 Kinsman St., Huntsville, Ala., was referred to the grand jury for grand larceny.
Lakeesha Hervey, 13646 Hwy. 32, Water Valley, had a case for credit card fraud bound over to the grand jury.

Haven W. McGee, 68 Dees Rd., Enid, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana. He was fined $420.

He had a malicious mischief charge withdrawn by the affiant, Alexandria Walker.

“I’d like to drop the charges. Everything’s been replaced,” said Walker.

Darius Johnson, 236 MLK, Batesville, paid $315 in full prior to court for disorderly conduct.

James H. Sawyer, 602 Elm St., Marks, entered a not guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle. A trial was set for February 20.

He entered a guilty plea to possession of alcohol by a minor. He was fined $315.

Judge McKenzie continued the case of Michelle L. Taylor, 724 River Rd., Sardis, charged with contributing to delinquency of a minor and DUI-second.

Johnathan Smith, 14050 35 South, Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges for disorderly conduct-failure to comply and public drunk.

Nina Webster, 214 Tubbs, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. A trial was set.

Califerro Purnell, 109 Lester St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. He entered the city’s work program in lieu of paying $404.

Robert Spain, 375 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault second offense against Brenda House.

“How did the police get involved?” asked McKenzie.

“My little girl called,” Spain said.

“It wasn’t nuttin’ serious,” Spain said.

As Spain got his trial date and walked off, the judge said, “Records show you have old fines. You will be sentenced to 90 days in jail if those fines aren’t paid by your court date,” McKenzie said.

Brenda Spain, 375 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence against Robert Spain.

A trial was set for January 30.

Porsha Jones, 801 Frontage Rd., Oxford, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting three packs of pregnancy tests and several packs of hair bows worth $29.73. She was fined $1,133.

Keishon Randle, 127 Douglas Circle, Vardaman, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting from Wal-Mart. He was fined $1,133.

Travius Butler, 206 Pearson, Batesville, entered the city’s work program for 26 days in lieu of paying $1,133 for shoplifting from Wal-Mart.

He had a case for domestic violence-simple assault dismissed after the affiant, Oshanna Wright, failed to appear. He also had a simple assault case dismissed after the affiant, Henry Roberson failed to appear.

Dillard Roach, 211 Tubbs, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to stalking Amy Roach. A trial was set for February 6.

Curtis Watters, 392 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, had a domestic violence-simple assault charge dismissed after the affiant, Heather Allen, failed to appear to prosecute.

Lashundra Willis, 265 Oil Mill Rd., Sumner, was found not guilty of shoplifting after a short trial.

Three witnesses who previously entered guilty pleas to shoplifting came back to court to testify that Willis had nothing to do with their shoplifting.

Tommy G. Shegog, 5960 C Hwy. 51, Pope, was fined $306 for no driver’s license.