Bobby Bradford letter 11-16-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama President for all Americans

Earlier this year this newspaper printed my letter asking people to stop complaining about the election of Dennis Darby as sheriff. I stated he was the sheriff of all Panolians. And just the same, Barack Obama is the president of blacks, whites and everyone else that resides in the United States.

Back in 2008 he was referred to as the first black person to become President. But as of November 6, he should be recognized as a Democratic president who was re-elected by a large margin. Everyone should accept it and get behind him.

Mr. Obama is the first president to enter office during a recession, which he did in 2008. This man has done a real decent job for this country during the last four years. No president has, nor will ever, keep all of his promises. It’s not because he hasn’t tried, but because he couldn’t.

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Let’s be fair and look at the facts. Go back through the last eight elections, back to 1980, covering 32 years, not counting the 2012 election. The office of President has been dominated by Republicans. Republican Ronald Reagan served eight years, then President George H. W. Bush, then Democrat Bill Clinton for eight years followed by Republican George W. Bush for eight years until 2008. It was during this term when our country went into recession.

Think about this: In 2001 we could buy a gallon of gas for about $1.80. Before the blink of an eye, it rose to over $3. And President Bush never really did tell us why. The bottom line is when Obama entered office in 2008, he walked into a mess.

So during the last 32 years, we had a Republican for president for 20 of those years. That’s 20 to 12. Let’s give the Democrats a fair chance.

And we all know everyone at Ole Miss isn’t like those students who protested the re-election of Mr. Obama. Those were ignorant people living in the past. This country has come a long way.

This is a new era. Not only did we elect our first black president in 2008, but we re-elected one in 2012. One day we will elect a lady as President of the United States. There are some worthy ones out there. See Hillary and Michelle.

Bobby “Six-9” Bradford