Lisa Blauvelt letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 24, 2012

Letter to the editor

‘New Mississippian’ finds Tri-Lakes among community’s ‘greatest amenities’

Our family moved here to Mississippi five years ago… and it’s taken us almost that long to discover one of our community’s greatest amenities.

I’ve had such uncharacteristically wonderful experiences with Tri- Lakes Medical Center of Batesville.

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Late last summer I visited Tri- Lakes Emergency Room with a friend who had sliced her hand open. With NO wait, she was admitted, stitched up, and exceptionally cared for by Tri-Lakes staff and doctors.
A few months later, I visited the ER myself with the same fast, professional care and service. With the news of our second son on the way, I went to Tri-Lakes again. The doctors and staff of Tri-Lakes Women’s Clinic gave exceptional care and attention – better than either Ob/Gyn I’d used back home in NY or CT for my first two children.

What has me so excited and writing this letter however is my experience during labor and delivery at the hospital. We arrived in the middle of the night with several laboring women ahead of us. As busy as they were though, I was treated as if I were the only patient about to deliver.

Lori was my personal nurse.  She made sure my every desire and plan for birthing and delivery was met.  Her sincere kindness, and genuine care for her profession was obvious and  made my entire delivery easier and very enjoyable (who ever would have thought “delivery” and “enjoyable” could live in the same sentence?).

Jenn D., our pediatric nurse, also made sure our specific plans for our son were followed.  It was amazing to have so much control over the process of laboring and delivering with incredible nurses by my side the entire time.

Besides their dedication to my medical wishes, their care for my comfort was surreal! Each nurse encouraged, supported and even calmed me with soothing words and soft touch during the hardest contractions.      

My husband and I want to thank Lori, Jenn D., Dr. Haley, and all the staff at Tri-Lakes Medical Center who attended my son and me during our stay. I can’t imagine having had a better birthing experience!  

We also want to encourage our friends and neighbors here in Mississippi to take advantage of this local treasure, Tri-Lakes Medical Center of Batesville.  The care I have always received from this hospital rivals any other care I’ve had.

Most Sincerely and Gratefully,

Lisa Blauvelt