Myra Bean’s column 8-10-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 10, 2012

Work stands in way of fan becoming Olympics couch potato

As I am trying to put this section together so I can put some serious work into the Football preview coming out Tuesday, I have half an eye on the other side of my computer screen.

The USA women’s volleyball team was playing Korea and each of the sets was very close. The USA had to stage a comeback to take the second set and shut out Korea 3-0.

I told the bosses we have to do something else when the Olympics are going on. I don’t want to wait until tonight to catch parts of reviews of the great events. I want to see the whole thing.

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The last two weekends were fun when you can stay at home an veg out on Olympics all day long. You might find that some things that are questionable as to being sports are actually fun to watch. Some traditional sports are not necessarily my favorite but I find myself watching them.

Volleyball reminds me when South Panola had a girls volleyball team. They were not always the best but they were getting there before the program folded. There are lots of college scholarships available to volleyball players and it would be nice to see that sport become bigger in this county. Surrounding counties have volleyball teams and their girls are very competitive.

I really enjoyed watching the last Mays-Walsh Gold Medal Beach Volleyball performance. They are truly masters of that game. When you only get to see them play every four years, it seems like we are actually deprived of watching some real competition.

Big congrats to Brittney Reese for her gold medal in the women’s long jump. Brittney was on the Ole Miss track and field team. Isiah Young will have performed by the time this article is out.

I finally got to see part of one game the USA Basketball team played. Yeah, they were showboating at the end of that game against Australia, but hey, they won big, 119-86.

Well, if someone took Oregon’s advice on uniform colors, I would beat them like they stole something, too. (Australia wears some form of yellow and some form of green uniforms. So does Oregon.)

I know they have soccer for Europe’s idea of football but football in the Olympics would be sweet. Only probably is, I guess, would be the limited number of games that football players can play in two weeks. Oh, well, it was a thought.

Getting ready to watch the USA women basketball semifinal against Australia. Shhh. Don’t tell Rupert. We may need to consider suspending publication of the newspaper during the Olympics, unless someone from Panola County wants to be an Olympian. I won’t grouse about working if we get to cover our own Olympic athlete. Some of you have the skills.