Brian Pace letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 3, 2012

Letter to the editor

President of organization for ‘white civil rights’ weighs in

My name is Brian Pace and I’m president of the Council of White Patriot Voters, a national membership organization fighting for equal rights for whites and the advancement of our people.

We have been following the story about the hit-and-run that killed Johnny Lee Butts over in Panola County. We are sad to hear the Mississippi NAACP is getting involved calling for an investigation into the death of this Black man who was run over by a 17-year- old white man. This seems like a classic case of “ambulance chaser” trying to stir up race in everything. This story is tragic in that a black man lost his life. It’s even more tragic the NAACP would try and bring race up on this tragic story. We encourage the local authorities to investigate and find out if it was accidental or on purpose. We encourage them to reject outside individuals who would stir up trouble in this case.

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The Council of White Patriot Voters is a mainstream Christian, Conservative, and White Civil Rights organization. White Heritage Not Hate. God Bless You

For The Cause,

Brian Pace