City Court 7-27-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 27, 2012

Shoplifted grass trimmer cost defendant $1,124 fine

By Rupert Howell

David Turner of 48 Hibblet Road, Como was found guilty of shoplifting a grass trimmer from Sears in Batesville and fined following testimony from store owner Carey Jenkins, employee Tommy Strong and the defendant during Wednesday’s session of Batesville Municipal Court.

Hibblet first testified that he was in Sardis on the day of the incident, stating, “Wasn’t no where near Batesville.”

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He later stated that he was in Batesville that day prior to the time of the incident grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and Piggly Wiggly in the car whose license plate was recorded at the scene.

Judge William McKenzie ruled that  sufficient evidence confirmed Turner’s guilt before imposing the $1,124 fine.

A charge of willful trespassing was dismissed against Nafreda Bobo, 207 Garson St., filed by Timberidge Apartment manager Brenda Hankins.

After questioning both affiant and defendant, McKenzie ruled that Bobo’s presence at the apartment, visiting a family member, was not grounds for the trespassing charges filed and advised affiant  Hankins to file different charges in the future if a similar situation arose.

Eric Brooks of 1818 Highway 51 North admitted guilt to a simple assault charge by affiant Cortney Porter and was fined $304. Brooks offered his hand and he and Porter shook following the judge’s fine imposition.

Timothy Ray of 104 Gowdy Street pleaded guilty to petit larceny of stealing a metal grate to sell for scrap iron. He was fined $335 and given 30 days to pay.

Rebecca Mayer of 525 Morris Lane, Batesville pleaded guilty to shoplifting $149.39 in clothing items from Wal-mart and was fined $1,133, due in 30 days.

Jada Mayer, of the same address, pleaded not guilty to similar charges but second offense. Judge McKenzie advised her to return the following week and “tell us who is going to represent you,” before a trial is set.

An August 29 trial date was set for Edward Woodall on a marijuana possession charge from October 10, 2010 as well as contempt of court failure to appear. Woodall presented documentation of his whereabouts for the original court date and explained that he thought the court would have contacted him. McKenzie countered by questioning Woodall, “Have you made any effort to contact the court?”  and recused himself from the trial.

A running a stop sign charge against James S. Vaughn of 32 CR 202, Oxford was remanded to the files at the request of city prosecutor Bob Morris who told the court that it was Vaughn’s first offense and he would have to be on good behavior for six months or the charge would be reinstated.

Robert Lee Anderson of 3234 Brewer Road had charges for careless driving and failure to stop for blue lights also remanded pending good behavior for six months.

Domestic abuse charges against  Billy Twilley were also remanded due to his completion of counseling.

A trial date was set for Kendrick Jones of  109 Sarah Dickens, Batesville who is charged with domestic violence-simple assault. Officer Jackie Profitt filed the charge on behalf of Christine Rudd.

Vanessa Griffin of 475 Greenbriar, Courtland was enrolled in the city’s work program to work off fines for disorderly conduct and traffic fines in the amount of $1,189. She was represented by attorney Helen Kelly.

Prior to court Tony D. Hervey of 7880 Allen Ridge Road, Olive Branch pleaded guilty to driving while license suspended.

Charges of simple assault by threat against Nancy Butler of 203 Vaughn St., Batesville were dismissed due to affiant Crystal Smith’s failure to appear to testify.

Charges of false pretenses filed by Paula Ann Best against Stacy Best of 250 Sanders Road, Enid, were also dismissed as the affiant failed to appear.