Myra Bean’s column

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this weekend, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. No matter how politically incorrect that may sound, I know that without Jesus there would be no Christmas. Anyway, it is Christ who directs my life and not the political forces that be.

The year started off pretty rough for my family and friends and for many of you too. There are people who are very important to us who are no longer walking this side of eternity.

We said good bye to my dad’s last three sisters (Olivia “Monk,” Dyits “Skape” and Leatha) all this year, within a three-month span, two died the same week. They were very close to each other in life so they are back together again.

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I know that it will be a very different Christmas for many of us. They all lived, as one friend put it, “long, great lives.” They were fruitful and left a legacy in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Many have been taken suddenly and violently and it does not matter what time of year, I know their hearts are still burdened with their loved ones’ losses.

I acknowledge the tragic losses of Como sisters Gabrielle Jordan Holland, 7, and her sister, Gracie Joy Holland, 2 and New Albany’s Amanda Price.

Even with all the losses, this is a time for the living to celebrate the best way we know how with those loved ones who still remain and who need us to keep on living.

The basketball season on some levels take a hiatus until after the holidays and will be back in full force after the new year.

So as we pick ourselves up and go forward, I want to leave you with the ABCs of Christmas that I found on

ABCs of Christmas

A is for Angels
With halos so bright
Whose carols were heard
On that first Christmas Night

B is for Bells
So merrily ringing
Joy to the world

Is the message they’re bringing

C is for Candles

That so brightly shine
To give a warm welcome
To your friends and mine

D is for Doorway

With garlands of green
To make Christmas merry
As far as they’re seen

E is for Evergreens

With fragrance so rare
So plentiful at Christmas
Their scent fills the air

F is for Fun

The whole season long
From trimming the tree
To singing a song

G is for Greetings

A merry “hello”
With a heart full of love
For people we know

H is for Holly

With berries so red
To make into wreaths
To hang overhead

I is for Ice

On snow covered hills
Where sledding is fun
Along with the spills

J is for Jesus
The Christ child so dear
We honor his birth
On Christmas each year

K is for Kris Kringle
So merrily he stands
He is who they call Santa
In so many lands

L is for Lanterns
I am sure that their light
Helped Mary and Joseph
That first Christmas Night

M is for Mary
Her heart full of love
For her little son Jesus
Who came from above

N is for Noel
The angels did sing
To herald the birth
Of Jesus, our King

O is for Ornaments
So shining and bright
With lights on the tree
To sparkle at night

P is for Packages
We buy for our dear
Then cherish the memories
Through upcoming year

Q is for Quiet
Christmas Eve Night
With snow covered hills
Glistening so bright

R is for Reindeer
Who pull Santa’s sleigh
To your house, to my house
They know the way

S is for Shepherds
Who first saw the star
Over Bethlehem’s manger
And followed it far

T is for Trees
We decorate with lights
To warm our hearts
On cold Christmas nights

U is for Unity
And undying love
For the world we all share
With the Lord up above

V is for Visiting
Friends near and far
We travel by plane
Or by bus, or by car

W is for Wise Men
Who brought gifts so rare
And knelt down and worshipped
The child they found there

X is for X-mas
Or Christmas by full name
No matter the language
It all means the same

Y is for Yule Logs
Whose bright sparks fly high
To give a warm welcome
To friends passing by

Z is for Zeal
We show at this time
In giving to others
And loving mankind
Happy Holidays from our house to yours!