Betty Hudson letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Voter commends common sense but cautions about damage to roads

Thank you Rupert Howell for your commentary on the Eureka gravel mine operation. The supervisors and land commission need to use common sense and get some backbone.

A few years back the county allowed big heavy gravel trucks to haul from a gravel pit on Herron Road (Beat 3). The trucks traveled on Sullivant Road to Hwy. 35 and really did a good job of tearing up the road.

Only a bandaid was used to patch this road. Shame, shame. People on Sullivant Road didn’t have a choice about the trucks because the supervisors needed the gravel.

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Thanks to the road manager for using the road grader on John Branch and Hebron Roads.

If you wait long enough there will be enough sweet gum balls to fill in the pot holes on John Branch!

Thank goodness for election year!! It can’t come too soon.

/s/Betty Hudson