Carvan Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pet social programs always hungry


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Every social program starts out as a cute little puppy that some liberal brought home to Congress.

“It followed me home, can we keep it?” says the liberal.

“Every child needs a puppy” say the other liberals.

“And it’s for the children, we have to keep it!” says the liberal who brought it.

“Awww, It’s sooo cute,” say the RINO’s. “Let’s keep it just this one time.”

“Well, it better not cost too much” say the fiscal conservatives.

“No!” say the Constitutionalists. “Our Social Contract says NO PETS ALLOWED!  

Guess who won!

Years later the house known as America is overrun with “pets.” They are now full grown, vicious and always hungry.

“Shoot the beasts” say the Constitutionalists.

“That’s heartless! The children love them!” say the liberals.

“Cut back on the food. Maybe they will leave!” say the Fiscal conservatives.

“I know! Let’s force the pet food makers give us free food!” say some of the liberals.

Meanwhile, the number of “pets” continue to increase as litters of new puppies are born and grow to maturity.

America is now being devoured by the “pets” and their offspring. The liberals are looking for other cute puppies to keep the children occupied and happy.

The RINO’s are denying they ever agreed to keep the puppies.

The Fiscal conservatives grumble loudly about the cost of pet food while writing checks to the feed store.

“We’re going to shoot the beasts next year!” say the Constitutionalists.

Meanwhile American taxpayers are struggling to keep the food dishes full and the poop scooped.

Seems some things never change.

/s/ Wendell Carvan