John Howell Column

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 18, 2010

Rare albino coon fails to learn ‘once bitten, twice shy’

And that white ‘coon? The one featured in a front page photo and a column in this space in Tuesday’s edition? The ‘coon whose capture triggered memories of Davy Crockett hats and Beatles wigs?

The photo triggered more recent memories for Jay Kozain. I received the following e-mail from Jay on Tuesday morning:

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Check out these pictures of a white raccoon caught in Womack Cove stealing seeds from our bird feeder. Rick Neth turn(ed) it loose on Avery Road July 30, 2009. It was a female and as you can see looks a lot like the one in the Panolian today. The rascal must like cages. Thought you might like to know some history.

“Does she have a name?,” I inquired with my reply.

For the time she spent stealing our bird seed plus our neighbors bird seed we called her “The Ghost of Womack Cove”!

I am not making this up. I don’t have to. It just happens.

As Pogo so famously said, “Life just gets curiouser and curiouser.”