Letter to the editor

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 14, 2009

An Ole Miss student and Pride of the South Band member in her haste made a bad choice.  She did the same thing that many people do.  She left something very valuable on the back seat of her unlocked white Buick LeSabre.  This item was a silver Bach model 37 trumpet with 1st valve tuning trigger in a brown vinyl case.  The case had a Band Masters sticker on the front.  It also contained a Bach 3C mouthpiece and a Yamaha mouthpiece with gold plated rim.  It was loaned to her to use throughout her college career.  This trumpet, to someone else may be just another musical instrument, but to her and the one who loaned it to her it is irreplaceable. 

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It was taken from her car on Thursday, Sep. 3rd between 6 and 8 p.m. in the parking lot of Movie Gallery on University Avenue.  My plea is that whoever took this trumpet would find it within themselves to return it, or if anyone else may know the whereabouts, please let us know. We will be extremely grateful.  There will be absolutely no questions asked.  You can call or email me as to where it is or you can give me a time and location of where you will leave it for us.


Once again I can’t express the urgency of its return. This has been a very disheartening and traumatic experience.  Not only is this young lady dealing with the loss of her instrument, but also the inevitable task of explaining to the person who loaned it to her that it is gone.  Please, if there is any compassion in your heart at all, I beg you to return this instrument.


I can be reached at 662-654-1649 or 662-654-1665.  You may also email me at cmartin@olemiss.edu or soundinvst@hotmail.com


Cheryl Martin