Rupert Howell editorial

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 11, 2009

Football team: class act despite disheartening loss

A mid-week phone call from the grandparent of Memphis University School football player was almost as uplifting as an overtime win.

Dr. John Crews expressed his appreciation to fans, students, players, coaches and teachers of South Panola High School following last Friday’s rare defeat of the Tigers.

“Something good is going on there,” Dr. Crews said.

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Crews stated that his grandson had told him that the Tiger team were the best sportsmen they had played even coming to the MUS locker room after the game and congratulating them on their play.

Crews also explained that his group included a fan in a wheel chair. Crews asked one of the SP student attendants if she was there just to look good or to be of help.

“Hopefully, both,” the student replied.

When informed of their situation the student said she would get Mario and he could help them.

Whoever Mario is, he not only assisted those visiting fans, he impressed them while doing so.

Meanwhile, anonymous critics continue to ridicule the head coach who thus far has lost a total of two games while winning only 31 in his third season at  South Panola.

Lance Pogue promised to build character in the football program. Former SP principal Gearl Loden last  year lauded Pogue’s willingness to send players to academic obligations even when it meant missing practice.

If winning is everything, then the Tigers should be playing lesser opponents. Meanwhile some positive life lessons are unfolding.

A funny thing happen on the way to the forum (ball game)–some people have obviously learned how to act.