Bouchillon Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Workers risked lives to stop tractor, aunt says

The entire Bouchillon family would like to thank Sheriff’s Department employee Ricky Armstrong and Terry Potts, and Derek Joslin for saving Drew’s life. They came upon the accident on Rooks Road  on June 23rd while collecting garbage for Panola County.

Terry Potts and Derek Joslin risked their lives to stop the tractor. They had a hard time getting in the cab to stop the tractor. They finally broke the door off its hinges and were able to stop the tractor. After stopping the tractor,  Ricky, Terry, and Derrick continued to talk and pray with Drew. They said his mind was alert and they knew to keep him talking until help arrived. Through their heroic effects Drew’s life was spared.

(s) Susan Bouchillon

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(Editor’s note: Drew Bouchillon’s injuries resulted from an accident that occurred when the tractor he was driving hit a hole and threw him from the cab’s back window and into the path of the mower it pulled.

Regular updates on his condition can be accessed through the web site of Magnolia Heights School [] where he is a student.)