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Myra Bean’s column

2 survive weekend in contest

To say the road to the Super Bowl this weekend was not surprising means you are not either a Dallas or Indianopolis fan.

It affected our Super Bowl contest, too. There are two remaining contenders for the big prize of a recliner from Unclaimed Furniture and a television from new sponsor Radio Shack.

David Aven and Shirley R. Garrett are the only two participants remaining after the weekend games.

A third place winner will be chosen in a random drawing from the ones who were eliminated this past weekend only.

San Diego will be at New England Sunday at 2 p.m. after defeating the Indianapolis Colts 28-24 Sunday afternoon. New England downed Jacksonville 31-20.

It is the New  York Giants at Green Bay after New York stunned Dallas 21-17 Sunday at 5:30 p.m. Green Bay manhandled Seattle 42-20 on a snowy afternoon Saturday.

Co-worker Angie Ledbetter has two of her favorite quarterbacks still playing, Brett Favre of the Packers and Eli Manning of the Giants. I think she is planning a big conference championship party. Not for sure about that, but that was the rumor.

Otherwise, one thing I noticed. I am not a person who gets star struck, but I so admire Colts head coach Tony Dungy. He did not hang his head after the game. He smiled and shook Norv Turner’s  hands.

I saw Dungy speak to Charger Ladainian Tomlinson. I said I bet Tomlinson felt like the big man himself had spoken to him. Dungy is such a class-act. If I had to interview him, my jaw would drop and I would probably not say a word.