Thigpen letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Letter to the editor

Parents should serve as role models, use discretion before speaking prematurely

As a parent, a friend, a minister, I am very careful to encourage our youth and to build their self-worth and develop their confidence.

I am certain that though the (South Panola High School) beauty review is designed to eliminate contestants, its moral obligation is to instill a sense of character, and to promote discipline and respect for rules and regulations.

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My daughter was chosen as most beautiful, not by default but because she possessed the natural beauty and confidence that stood out in sight of the judges.

Every contestant was beautiful, no one more than the other in character and poise, but upon entry only 1 of the 72 contestants would be crowned “most beautiful.”

I think it is premature to speak on an issue without all the facts which are: a). all the contestants were given the same opportunity to participate; b). all contestants were given the rules and regulations upon entry; and c). of 72 contestants 36 were not disqualified for non-compliance.

My daughter has participated in the review for three years of which she was most beautiful with or without the crown because I have been certain to teach her there are no limits to what she can achieve.

I am surprised and offended that it would be presumed that she won for any other reason except she deserved it.

I should hope that we, the moral fiber of our community, the elders that serve as mentors and pillars of hope for our youth, would use wisdom and discretion when voicing concerns that may indeed shatter the hopes of another.  

(Written in response to letter to the editor,  “Disappointments could have been easily avoided,” by Judy French, November 16, 2007).

/s/Shavonne Thigpen