French letter to editor

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 24, 2007

Disappointments could have been easily avoided

I was invited to the South Panola Beauty Revue by a friend whose daughter was in the pageant. There were 72 contestants in the event. I’m not a beauty expert but after they announced the 20 top contestants half of the audience left because of the results.

Yes, I asked the same question as most everyone else as to where did they get these judges. Well, come to find, the girls were supposedly told, after the pageant, that the girls who wore a hair extension or a dress that had a split past the knee were disqualified. My question is, why weren’t the girls told this in the beginning?

I’m sure they would not have paid the $40 to be in the pageant, the cost of renting a dress, having their hair done and all the other costs in being in the pageant if they knew they were going to be disqualified.

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Would you spend this money and do something you knew you were going to get kicked out of if you knew this in the beginning? I think there has been an injustice done to these girls and their families by the sponsor and they all deserve an apology for not having been told up front what the qualifications were in being in the pageant.

I’m not taking anything away from the winner because after the judges had to disqualify half of the contestants then it narrowed the field down considerably

I have granddaughters who one day will be able to be in the beauty revue and I would hate to know we spent money to later be disqualified because of something we were not told.

Congratulations to the winner.
Judy French