Old students, hungry squirrels raise spirits

Published 2:26 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Old students, hungry squirrels raise spirits
By Donna Traywick
Mt. Olivet News
Time moves so fast that I don’t want to forget the simple things and beautiful things of
life like all my friends I have met and enjoyed through my simple little articles, sitting on
my porch and feeling the cool breeze as I watch the last glimmer of sunset that says the
day is over, and the new sun peaking gently over the trees announcing the beginning of
another day.
I open my door, regardless of weather, open the blinds, and thank God for a good night
and strength to carry yesterdays problems and new ones also.
When I run into former students who remember me after 30 years is such a joy. Such
was the case of running into Debre Wiggly Darby and her grandson. Not only does she
still play the piano for church but still plays an arrangement of a song (Jesus Saves) that
I taught her back then. That was a source of pure joy.
I enjoy my many squirrels. I keep a sack of bird seed on my front porch. Somehow one
or several have discovered it. I woke up one day and bird seed was all over my porch.
Changing to a stronger bag and new location didn’t stop him (or them). I finally decided
to leave it out where they can enjoy it. I would love to have a motion detector camera to
watch the little fellows.
I have enjoyed the several Oxford yard sales that I went to on Saturday. I will eventually
buy something that I usually don’t need. When LaDonna was young, I enjoyed having
yard sales at the Color Me Happy Daycare. Lisa (McCoy) Smith had spent the night and
had her extra clothes in a paper bag. It was a successful sale. When we began to look
for Lisa clothes they weren’t there. I had sold Lisa’s Clothes! The little girls enjoyed a
shopping trip to buy new clothes.
I am looking for a globe to use in my children’s church. Someone in a yard sale at Pope
had one that I wanted, but impossible for me to get there. I’m sure it was sold.
My choir performed beautifully at the Panola County Singing Convention. Other
performers were Steve McGregory and wife Linda. Steve and I have been musical
friends for years, and he never fails to put on a beautiful show.

Mary Sue and Bro. Claude Peters represented Crenshaw. Mary Sue did a beautiful
rendition of the Lords’ Prayer. She could reach those high notes without any problems.
It was the first time that they had come to the singing convention, but I am looking
forward to hearing from them again.
Billy Cosby led the congregation in singing old timey gospel songs as well as several
solos, too.
Mt. Olivet will have a hamburger and ice cream supper on Saturday night, June 22, at 6
p.m. As always everyone is invited and come and bring a friend. Catch up with me since
I last heard from y’all. What’s been going on?

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