Candidates who can’t be kind should stay home

Published 7:12 am Friday, July 28, 2023

By Donna Traywick

Mt. Olivet News

What a lovely homecoming we had at Black Jack, Sunday. It was wonderful to see the young people that I help teach in the children’s church. They are all grown up and have children of their own, including LaDonna and her family.

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It was truly a homecoming for us because she has been away almost 30 years. She related to me that she is sitting in the same seat she sat in 30 years ago. All of the churches that I know, I call habitually assigned seats. 

When I visit a new church, I am so scared that someone will say, “you’ve got my seat.” I’ve seen it happen. Then I feel funny when someone has my seat. I feel strange when I’m out of my seat. 

After I finish playing the piano, I come down from the choir and sit in the same seat my mother sat in for over 75 years. No wonder It feels sacred. No wonder I don’t want anyone else sitting there!

Of course, I saw the older ones, like myself. We didn’t have time to tell all of our aches and pains before another one joined in. I call that our social life. Very seldom do we carry on a conversation that does not bring up health issues, unless our grandchildren. Talking about them always makes us forget about pain.

I missed the ones who were gone. I missed Don Howie. He was the pastor for quite a few years. He taught history at Ole Miss in addition to preaching, he was also a big part of the community affairs. 

I missed Sonny and Hilda Wilson. They died a little over a year apart. You never saw one without the other. They lived across the road from the old Black Jack School. When the community turned it into a community center, they accidentally became caretakers. 

Hilda kept up with people using the center and when. I called her the unofficial mayor of Black Jack. It reminds me of the song that country singer George Jones sang “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” They were mighty big shoes.

I missed Jean Smith. She played the piano and I played the organ for over 30 years. They continue to have an outstanding choir. A group from their choir will sing at the Panola County Singing Convention at Mt. Olivet on Sept. 24  at 3 p.m. I have several interesting groups committed. We have room for others. The Convention is a representation of the various music in Panola County.

My, hasn’t it been hot this June and July? According to the National Weather Service this was the hottest June ever recorded. The National Weather Service was officially formed on Feb 9, 1870, When President Ulysses S. Grant was in office. On June 30, Death Valley, CA, recorded 129.2 degrees which is the hottest temperature ever recorded.

I don’t think Death Valley is any hotter than the political rallies that we have been experiencing recently. I haven’t been able to get to all of them, but I have heard plenty. I have heard that some of this confrontation appeared to have been staged. I was told by a friend that one incumbent even filmed a confrontation. 

Do they not know that this is the highest degree of Ignorance that men can have? They don’t have the intelligence to ask legitimate questions. So they jump up, get loud, boast and get so ugly that they interrupt the whole meeting. These rallies are here to give the people a chance to get acquainted with some of the candidates.

I will be at Mt. Olivet Fire Station this Saturday, July 29. I hope that these people who don’t have enough sense to behave themselves will stay home. 

I don’t even know some of them. I want to know their platform and the answers to some of my concerns. This will probably be my voting decision. So incumbents, tell your supporters that you don’t want any ignorance and stupidity, or violence. Act like civilized people if they can. Tell your supporters to come ask intelligent questions, be courteous and respectful, or don’t come! 

This is a big reflection on you, too! See y’all Saturday.

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