Danger is everywhere be on guard and leave none behind

Published 3:21 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2021

 By Mary Murphy
The danger we take for granted is walking without paying attention to where life takes us. We are so uptight by the woe of living and uncertainty we can’t see the forest for the trees.The rains that came two weeks ago continued to flood our streets, ditches, homes and gardens. We continue to fight the battle of work and play. We seem to lose something in our surroundings, and our eyes are not open to thedangers that seek to devour the human side of us.My step mom (Dorothy) was about to open the storm door when the person on the other side said a quick “no” because a large snake was wrapped between the bars on the door, near the top. They called the police who came but did not have what was needed to capture the large snake. After some soul searching they were able to win the battle and destroyed it.The tragedy of heavy rain brings many dangers with the falling of trees and downed power lines. We had both to happen in our church parking lot and thelight pole and mailbox were broken. Danger is everywhere, even from some medical personnel if they refuse to beimmunized from disease that inflict the body. What’s wrong with people who want to work around sick people, but refuse to take care of themselves? I wonder how many of them are carriers of the virus, spreading it far and wide.Anyone working in public spaces should want to be an example to others. Or find a job working underground where you have little or no contact with the public. This information brings fear of the unknown, no one should have to pay you or give you a beverage to help you make the decision to protect oneself.Wake up people, stop being a donkey.Are you preaching fear? That is not of God, but of men and women. Praying isin vain if you can’t lean on the Word of God that brings forth hope. Faith is thesubstance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen.Today’s children are born to love and be loved from the evil menace that is present in today’s world. Many continue to walk in darkness with their pants hung low. They flow through the night, dropping seeds like a basketball through a net.A void is filled like wood to a flame, testing the immaturity of one so near. Step up to who you profess to be, climb the ladder of faith, and know your worth. I look to the beauty of a 100-year-old tree, standing tall with outstretched arms that tell the stories of many lives. Teacher of all things that life has to offer, with skills that keep us in God’s presence. Why do we deny your love? Is it because we don’t know how. We climb the highest mountain looking for the unsee beauty of life, forgetting the one left behind. Love bears no grudges, seek repentance of the loved oneleft behind.

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