Live a life that takes away the pain

Published 11:33 am Wednesday, April 7, 2021

By Mary Murphy

Look into the eyes of a loved one before they leave you lonely. Let not your heart be full of malice that comes to destroy you walk with the Master.

Live a life that takes away the pain. Be tolerant of your neighbor. If you cannot help them, do not hinder the life they have chosen. Be the example that most pray to become.

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I often think about the documentary of the black church, and how the Methodist organization tried hard to teach and plant ideas in order for us to be accepted into the white world.

Now we are at war with the Asian people who helped build this country along with the other people of color.

Racism also begins in families when you cannot sit down together to discuss the problems at hand.

The more I learn about racism in America during World War II, I understand more about the black men who have their lives to be a nation, but were rejected by a country that hated the color of their skin.

They began to lose face and identity of who they really are. How can we refute hate? Within the people who have also been put in the ring of fire.

We must come back to God. until we start loving each other with an open heart, we will not survive.

As a grandmother I want children to grow up in a world with people who judge the character not the color of skin.