Calvert continues Belk’s legacy of tax services 

Published 9:49 am Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Raymond Belk and Steve Calvert have a rich history and long friendship in the Batesville tax service business. (Allen Brewer)

By Allen Brewer

While many small businesses in Batesville have had a rough time in 2020, one business owner has cause for celebration.

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Steve Calvert, a color commentator for the South Panola Tigers, is about to celebrate the first anniversary of Calvert & Co. Tax & Accounting. Calvert bought the business from his mentor Raymond Belk in January 2020 and said that the business has been pretty good so far.

This year also marks his daughter Lindsey’s move back to the area, Calvert’s marriage to his new wife Vicki, and the birth of his grandson Micah by his other daughter Lauren.

“We’ve had hardships like a lot of families dealing with hardships and health, but the blessings far outweigh the tragedies,” Calvert said.

Calvert’s relationship with Belk links back to when Calvert’s father worked with Belk at the Bank of Batesville, now known as Regions Bank. Belk left the bank in 1987 to start his own tax service in 1988.   

Around 1991, Calvert, originally from Crowder, began working for Belk. The son of a banker and a bookkeeper, Calvert felt drawn to the accounting field.

“I wanted to be an accountant to help businesses manage their money,” Calvert said. “Most businesses don’t fail to make money but fail to manage their money.”

Calvert went on to pursue other occupations but kept in touch with Belk about the business. In 2019, Calvert received a call from Belk who wanted to see if Calvert was interested in buying his business.

“I just decided I needed to get ready to retire,” Belk said. “You need some continuity in tax service, and It needed to be someone like me. He is someone that I feel comfortable  to leave my business to.”

While Calvert now owns the business, Belk agreed to help during tax season. Calvert said that many of his customers are also people he got to know during his early days working for Belk.

“Raymond (Belk) has a beautiful mind, Calvert said. “He is quick-witted and funny, but he does not treat anyone like he is a genius or like he is better than anyone else.”

Belk’s customers can feel assured that their taxes are in good hands as Belk’s passes the business to Calvert. Though he will not be in his office every week, Belk will still be around to help Calvert if needed.

“There have been a lot of changes,” Belk said about his work experience in Batesville. “I have enjoyed helping all of the people.”

This year has taken many unexpected turns, but Calvert is grateful to be in Batesville and running a business he loves. He hopes to stay in business for a long time and to watch his family grow.

“I love Batesville, and I love Panola County,” Calvert said. “I have been around the world, but there is nothing like home folk. I feel honored and blessed to take over the business.”

Calvert is available for consultations. Those interested in discussing their tax options can find him in the Tradeway Village shopping center across from Tiger Field.