Letter from Santa to the Boys and Girls of Panola County

Published 4:40 pm Friday, December 11, 2020

It’s come to my attention that boys and girls in Batesville and Panola County have expressed doubt in the Christmas spirit this year, so I decided to write a letter to all of you and set the record straight. Santa Claus is alive and well – the only illness the North Pole sees is the occasional tummy ache from eating one too many cookies. 

Panola County needs a little Christmas Spirit. Boys and girls have been so good this year, and even though things are different from normal, don’t think I haven’t had my helpers keeping an eye on you to make sure you mind your manners! 

The elves have been hard at work in the workshop, making new toys for all the children on my list. The reindeer have been practicing their takeoff and landing drills, too – we have even perfected a socially distanced present drop-off. 

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I’m still planning to travel across the world on Christmas Eve, and deliver presents to all the good boys and girls on my list. I’ll be wearing my mask, too, to make sure presents are the only thing I bring with me from house to house! I know you children are used to seeing me around town, sitting on my lap and telling me what you want for Christmas in person, but this year, the best way to tell me what you want most for Christmas is by writing a letter.  

Your teachers and parents should be helping you write letters to me over the next week, and when I pick up my trusty Panolian on Dec. 23, I’ll be able to read them all at once. 

So, ask your teachers and your mommies and daddies to help you write a letter to Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, and remember: Merry Christmas!

Submit your letters – here, or email them to editor@panolian.com  by Wed., Dec. 16th. Artwork is also appreciated.