Everyone must learn to deal with changes

Published 8:40 am Thursday, October 1, 2020

By Pam Bock

Eureka Columnist

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Change…like it or not…is inevitable.  We change our hair styles (some not for the better), our home décor, and sometimes our addresses. The fashion industry certainly changes and there are many styles I hope we don’t see again.

We also change jobs. I recently experienced a change in that department. After 21 years, I needed a change. I am still doing the same thing I was, which is medical coding and billing, but I am now at a new location.

I wasn’t looking for a new job when this door opened.  I called to check on a friend after seeing a “for sale” sign in her yard.  I thought she might be buying a different home, or building.  Upon inquiring, they were moving to be closer to family, and that meant she was leaving her position.  She asked me if I knew of anyone who was experienced in medical coding and billing, and I didn’t right off hand.

I told my husband about the position, and talked with my dad, and prayed about it a lot. I had been contemplating “retiring” for 6 months of so, and then finding something part-time, and I had been praying that I would get a sign of where and what I should do. I was just feeling out of sorts, and thought a change would be good for me.

I called my friend the next week, and said I was interested in the position, and she was excited that I was.  My name had been mentioned in casual conversation when she had turned in her notice.  After further conversation, I was offered the position, and I accepted.  Everything just fell into place, and I firmly believe God opened this door, and I walked through it in faith.

Months prior, the mother of the doctor who owns the clinic where I am now working, had reached out to me to tell me how much she enjoyed my “stories” in the newspaper. At the time we did not know that I would be working for her son in the near future. Just like my paths crossing with my friend – it was all for a reason – God’s plans.

I do not believe in coincidences.  Everything happens just as it should.  Just like everyone we meet is for a reason:  To learn a lesson, to be humbled, or helped, and sometimes just because we needed them for what they can give us – even when we don’t realize it.  I’m thankful my paths crossed with both of these ladies.

My friend has since moved, and she has a new job – in the banking industry, and she is enjoying it.  I am thankful she and her husband are now close to their kids and family. Everything has worked out for them, and a trying time has turned into something positive because we had faith.

I miss some of my closest co-workers.  Three of us had been together since the 90’s.  I am happy with my new position.  It is different even though it is the same.

Now, the season is changing and it is one of my favorite times of the year – fall!  I love the crisp mornings, and riding delta blue is so enjoyable when it is cool.  I look forward to the leaves changing colors.  Now that is a change that is welcomed, every year!  I love football and eagerly wait for that first game – hope it is a great season.

Some changes we have no control over – but we can control how we react. The rudeness and disrespect that is encountered can be challenging but I try to just smile and go my way.  I have also started “waving” at each car I meet while driving.  I remember when everyone waved, even if you didn’t know that person.  I hope my little wave makes someone smile – or brightens their day.

I hope that some things never change – like being able to worship in the church of my choice.  To always remember to be thankful for what I have and for family.  That America remains free and proud of our heritage.

Yes, change happens – whether we initiate the choice, or it is thrust upon us. I have always liked a good challenge, and I pray to keep an open mind, heart and determination to weather whatever comes my way.