Panola Medical busy this weekend; waiting on more supplies

Published 12:13 pm Sunday, March 29, 2020

Doctors and nurses were busy Saturday at Panola Medical Center, along with all of the hospital’s staff. Chris Ware updated city and county officials about the increase of Covid-19 activity at PMC this weekend.


Ware said one patient already hospitalized with coronavirus symptoms was confirmed to have the respiratory virus, and four other patients were swabbed. Hospital staff drove those four samples to the University Medical Center in Jackson this morning and are expecting to get the results of those tests Monday..


“Our ER stayed busy Saturday, and I can’t thank all our healthcare workers enough,” Ware said. “I believe we will start to see more and more as the days go by.”


Ware said those patients sick with Covid-19, and those suspected of being infected, are being kept in isolation from other patients and staff in adherence to recommended guidelines. “Our staff is doing a great job of protecting themselves and other patients,” Ware said.


National and state media reports have focused on the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to keep frontline healthcare professionals safe from infection with the coronavirus while treating their seriously ill patients.


Locally, Ware said the hospital has about a week of PPEs on hand and will receive another shipment Monday morning that he expects will give PMC staff at least a two-week supply of equipment, but noted that inventory could run low quickly if the number of cases increases in a short time.


Moral is good among staff and everyone associated with the hospital is focused on caring for the current cases, and preparing for an expected surge. Ware said the hospital has received considerable support from the community, including phone calls and food delivery.


“Right now everybody can pray for them, feed them, and keep up the good words of encouragement,” Ware said.


Any families or groups interested in knowing specific ways to support the Panola Medical staff can call the hospital office at 662-563-5611.


Ware said anyone with a connection for obtaining PPEs should also contact him at the hospital.