Light bulbs that last 22.8 years? Better read the label

Published 8:22 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mt. Olivet News

By Donna Traywick

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This has been a very strange week for our community.

First of all my precious great-great-nephew Blake Willis (grandson of Jeff Palmertree) was severely injured in an automobile accident recently and has been recovering at the Region One Medical Center in Memphis.

Although he is making progress the family asks for your continued prayers as he begins a rigorous routine of physical therapy that is ahead.

While one young couple is starting their life together in Holy Matrimony, one 18-month-old little boy lost his life to the many, many health issues that plagued him all of his short life.

Chance Whitten and Rebecca Deason embarked on a life together with their wedding on Oct. 12 at Crestview Church in Kosciusko at the same time that the funeral service was being held for Asher Taylor, son of Josh and Christy Taylor and grandson of Ronnie and Nita Taylor.

His service was held at Fisherville Baptist Church in Eads, Tenn. Many from our community attended one of the services.

I sat pondering for many hours as to what impact baby Asher’s life had made on so many people. He taught unconditional love, patience, resilience, toughness, and strength. To his two big brothers, Sawyer and Wilder, he taught bravery and courage.

I received a call from Mr. James Vaxter, our friend and neighbor in the New Enon community, this week. He was inquiring about the old dog that hangs around the intersection of Hwy. 315 and Hwy. 6.

He had apparently missed the article that I had written some time ago and did not know that he has a name and also a home. When his grandchildren come to visit him they always watch for the dog and had named him 315.

They were inquiring to granddaddy that they had not seen 315 lately – had something happened to him?

No, I saw him Tuesday going to his home on John Branch Rd. at exactly 5 p.m. His name is Cletus, but I told Mr. Vaxter that we would call him Cletus 315! What joy one dog has brought to so many.

I thought of the song “Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine.” I love old dogs and children, but haven’t tried watermelon wine. Have you?

I attended the estate sale of Mrs. Annie-Glenn Howell. It was nearly over when I got there, so I just walked from room to room thinking, “if these walls could only talk.”

I closed my eyes and imagined that I heard happy children’s voices – that would be John, Rupert, and Trudy.

Have some of you bought those new LED light bulbs that are supposed to last 22.8 years? Of course, we don’t really know if that is true because they have not been around long enough for us to tell. Guess what? Some of mine have blown!

I looked on the package to see all the details. The findings for the 22.8 years is based on only three hours of use per day. There’s the catch. Fake advertising?

Ain’t advertising crazy? How many of you have seen the Progressive Insurance’s zombies and Flo coming out of the cornfield and scaring the wits out of a couple in their yard? The underlying theme hidden so deep is that it takes a shovel to dig it out is bundling. It makes a good Halloween scene, though.

Or, what about the ostrich dressed in yellow and pecking on the store window because he sees himself? (Much like my brother who brought his ox into the house so he could see himself in the mirror. The ox broke the mirror and went to the bathroom on the floor.) Does that really sell insurance? I feel it is an insult to our intelligence.

I met a very nice young man at Huddle House last week while having breakfast. The young man was my very courteous waiter. Since business was slow, I asked him about himself.

His name is Ja’Kellon Walls. He graduated from South Panola High School and has big dreams of being a long-distance truck driver. I make it a rule to never write about politics in my column (oh, but I would like to), but he seemed so well-rounded that I asked him what he thought about the state of the country’s affairs.

“I think Donald Trump has a big mouth,” he said, among other things. Loki is the manager there and you can get a nice breakfast for $3.99 if you save your coupons that come in the mail. Otherwise, I think it’s a bit pricey.

Hope this is a better week for my family as well as yours!

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