Don’t let the star inside a child disappear

Published 5:04 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2019

By Mary Murphy

New Enon News

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This is a day in the life of parents and teenagers who are so angry with each other, that they take it out on the world at large – “the babies raising babies generation.”

They believe the world owes them what was not given to them by their parents, love and discipline. They believe the hurt that they suffer belongs to our generation. Many believe it’s all about money, but the mighty dollar will leave like water floating down the river.

As we get older, my generation learns how to live on a budget, that things are not that important. After our sons went off to school, we really hit the budgeting scale. Before that happened, we sat down with them, letting them know the money trap will condemn them into the future, if they did not control their spending. Yes, they took heed.

Talking to a young lady at church before Sunday school, she complained about being bored. This very smart child has been blessed to have a great-grandmother and mother who have given her much love and appreciation for life. This child has traveled to see other relatives, but she wants more of what life has to offer.

She attends a very good school in Hernando with all the bells and whistles. Sometimes mothers are so busy working, they are not conscious of what is digging into the flesh of a child. She’s interested in gymnastics at the same age as my granddaughter, 12 years, when she gave it up to play basketball.

They may change a lot about what they want to do.

Remember boys go through some of the same changes. We need more men and women to work with boys and girls, to be leaders of the environment and water conservationist.

Many of the young people I work with over the years have their own children. I’ve seen the stars that glow within your child. Do not let it disappear.