Summer’s bounty enjoyed day to day

Published 2:09 pm Monday, July 1, 2019

By Sherry Hopkins

Community Columnist

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Although we have quickly transitioned into summer I am still in the spring state of mind. The cooler snap we had was just what the doctor ordered for my subdued mood.

My Jehovah garden is really pretty from a distance. Zinnias and Sunflowers planted from seed have bloomed and make me smile each time I see them swaying in the slightest breeze, with their heads upturned towards the sun.

I tried many times to plant sunflowers from bought seeds in little paper packages with no luck. A friend at church suggested using the seeds contained in the bird seed bags and I did. I am thankful for the tip and the flowers.

Up close my garden is full of weeds and Sumac. It has become a chore I do not wish to partake in to keep it clear. Next fall I will approach the garden with a better plan.

But for now, and at a distance, I am pleased.

We have two houses back-to-back that have nesting Prothonotary Warblers. These birds are striking in their orange-yellow color. We are thrilled that two families have made their homes with us. All my houses are full with most having the second set of nesters. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had nesting Brown Thrashers. They have nested in a larger house that had a bigger opening made by nesting squirrels at one time. These birds usually build their nests in bushes.

As I was out in the yard looking to see what was going on, I stopped to put fresh water in my patio birdbath. To my astonishment it was filled with frog eggs. I did not know if I should leave the eggs for the birds or wash it all away. I chose to clean it out. I can’t think that a bath full of tadpoles would be very enjoyable.  As I wandered I found that all my Daylilies, Asiatic lilies and Canna lilies have bloomed in shades of yellow and orange.

My Gardenia plant was so loaded with blooms this year we had to tie it up twice.

And of course tomatoes are coming in. I have a great many Better Boys and hundreds of Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.

And as we left church last night we were met with others who had extra bounties of squash, cucumbers and beans that they shared with us.

My kitchen table is heaping with those gifts and my own green peppers and tomatoes. I snapped beans this morning and the smell wafting through the house as they simmer on the stove is making me hungry.

We checked on Dear Don’s disability appeal last week and found that there has been no movement in Virginia with the appeal board thus far. It has been six very long months. I thought perhaps I should mail the board a case of Ex-Lax to get them moving.

We, and the other 269,999 applicants could surely use some expedited, encouraging news. I don’t know any of these folks to be able to gauge their temperaments so I decided to hold off on the Ex-Lax for now. But, it is not beyond my thought process to do it at a later date.

So as the days heat up and we slow down even more, we have started  thinking, talking and planning for the fall. It is hard to have plans that don’t include finances, but we keep chugging away with grateful attitudes and blessed hearts.

We both longed years ago to be able to retire and just enjoy simple day-to- day life here on our little property. And so here we are doing exactly what we had prayed and wished for. There is little else to desire.

We are just now beginning to realize the blessing before us. This life is a good life.

Stay tuned.

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