Prayer is the answer for crop duster

Published 4:42 pm Thursday, June 20, 2019

By Mary Murphy

New Enon News

Leaving Deliverance Tabernacle at 7:05 p.m. after Bible study on Thursday afternoon, a yellow plane flying fast and low dropped fertilizer upon our person as we were leaving church, coming out of the side entrance.

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Our driveway was full of the stuff, some fell on individuals going to their vehicles. The driver came over the trees which separates the property.

My question – was it on purpose? Because he returned to drop more before we could get into our vehicles. If it was on purpose, prayer is the key to satisfaction.

Sunday morning came and washed the fertilizer away.

Rain continues to give our plants nutrients and all the good stuff needed to give our vegetables what we need to enjoy the sweet savor of freshness.

I’m enjoying growing vegetables in a square food space. The problem we have is dealing with little does eating my young Hostas and Hydrangea and blueberry bushes.

My tomatoes have started to come into their own, with their bright red colors, green peppers,. Cucumbers have begun to run. We shall see what the rabbits do next.

Rain brings the beauty of the southern sky.

The bubbling beauty of the clouds.

Hanging low depending on where you are.

Reaching, trying to touch the visibility of a pillow laying softly.

Searching for the heavenly cloud.

When I look into the cloud above

It overshadows the darkness.

I watch a boy child reaching with all the energy he can muster.

For the fullness of a raindrop.

Singing in his voice as he touch the rain

Calling out other cloud.

Gliding from seat to seat with wonder all around, sensing the smell of fresh rain drops in the air.