Travel center store in works for Como

Published 12:48 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019

By Myra Bean

Como Mayor Everett Hill is a fan of saving the best for last.

At the Tuesday, June 11, Como Town Board meeting, Hill told the audience just before adjournment that Jody Thind had picked up his business license.

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Thind appeared before the board in June, 2018, to request permission to build a C-Store Travel Center and Truck Stop on Frontage St. on the west side of I-55. He first wanted to break ground by December, but he was told the Mississippi Department of Transportation required a traffic study before construction could begin. Thind was told those studies would cost nearly $25,000.

Hill said when the license was picked up, he got in touch with all the people who needed to make the area usable for a large store, and they are working to extend the town’s sewer line to the interstate. Thind owns several travel centers in the region and last year told the board he believes the proposed store location will gr the amount of visitor traffic in the town.

Hill also said he got word a USDA grant for $4,800,000 has been approved for the lagoon repair  to go along with the $500,000 DRA grant already received by the town.

Lillian Hilson appeared before the board on behalf of North Delta Planning and Placement District to make the members aware of the grants they would like to apply for on behalf of the town.

She said  a potential Community Development Block Grant (CDGB) for a senior center for $450,000 may be available and we would be a good project for Como. There is also a USDA Community Facilities Grant , a 75 percent grant with a 25 percent match from the town, for police cars. There is a public hearing scheduled for June 28 at 3:30 p.m. at Como City Hall.

The Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) is due July 8 for $5,000 for police equipment. This is an 80/20 grant where the town would be responsible for $1,200. There is also the Small Municipalities grant application for up to $150,000 with a 10 percent match due by July 15. The board gave Hilson permission to apply for grants on behalf of the Town.

The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security grant is due Aug. 31. It is a 100 percent grant for police department for cars and equipment, and will also be applied for.


The First Regional Library requested $15,000 from the Town of Como for the Como library when the board completes its budget for this year. No action was taken on this request.

Fire Ordinance

Earnestine Bridgeforth asked the board to study the town ordinance that covers burning inside the town limits. She said someone was burning trees in the city. He had four or five fires going and then left them unattended, according to Bridgeforth. The fire department was called to put out the fires.

Fire Report

The fire department answered five medical calls, seven motor vehicles, one brush fire and one fire alarm. They reported the new brush truck should be ready this month.

Police Department

Assistant Chief Faye Pettis reported there was one break-in at 500 Sycamore St. She also said all the police now have body cameras.

Other Requests

Mrs. Wally at 402 Coleman, Como, received permission to put a 12’ x 14’ permanent wood siding shed on the back of her property. It will have a 6-foot lean-to.

Mr. Mulhaus rescinded his request to build a studio apartment on his house from the May board meeting. There is some delay and he will return when the time is closer to building the addition.

Board Attorney Ravonda Griffin said she heard from the state’s Attorney General on Jerry Cummings lot at the corner of Highway 51 and Highway 310 concerning the moving trucks parked around the building. She was told to write a letter for an official opinion.


Como Day is set for October 5. The vendor fee is $50.

Hill was upset as he spoke about the money spent on last year’s Como Day. He wants to make it nice for the citizens and that good bands and musicians cost a lot of money, he said.

The claim docket of $40,339.17 was approved.

Hill asked for input on a sign at the interstate for the Town of Como. One citizen said signs are needed on both sides. Hill wants the signs to be nice, brick, and have lights. Mostly, he wants it to say something about the Como Blues.

The salary was restored for three department heads who had gone to hourly waiting on a legislative bill which did not pass.

The Farmers Market will move to Thursday in the near future, but a date has not been set yet.

The town is seeing a lot of traffic for the Safari Park off Rook Road in Como. Tourists are coming downtown looking for the park when it is on the other side of the interstate, Hill said.