Experience at our hospital has always been good

Published 4:31 pm Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dear Editor,

It is past time for me to speak out about my family’s past and recent experiences at the Batesville emergency room and the hospital.

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Although we are not really sickly people, several members of my family have experienced ER or hospital stays during recent years.

A year-and-a-half ago I fell and dislocated my shoulder. (At least my right arm was at a very unnatural angle.) I expected great pain at the ER when they “fixed” it. However, to reset my shoulder (or arm) the doctor gave me a shot that almost immediately put me to sleep. She said I would only sleep a very short time.

They had brought into the room what looked like some high powered medical equipment and several nurses. This was for a “just in case” scenario. They were on top of this simple procedure. When I awoke, the doctor had maneuvered everything back into its place and I had not felt a thing.

Soon I was ready to go home – still pain free. The ER people, doctor, nurses, and any other person, were just great.

At another time a family member was in the hospital having been to ER. The outstanding thing about that short visit was the nurse practitioner who came into the room and took time to explain in detail the flow of the blood system, and how the information was pertinent to our particular situation. She was just fantastic! We learned a lot that we needed to know.

The  most recent experience was this past March when my husband fell early one morning while letting the dog out and hit his head on the corner of a table. He was knocked out. He was transported by ambulance to the ER here. (The ambulance attendants were so capable – another story). The doctor and nurses immediately attended to him – examining and testing.

Again, they all did their jobs well. He was in the hospital for two nights. We were pleased with the attitude and care of each shift of nurses and aides. The dining room even sent him a late supper – hot and very good.

The doctor had him transported to Baptist East. It would be hard to find a hospital any clearer than our hospital in Batesville. This is a big plus.

I am grateful to Dr. Havens and all the local and out-of-town businessmen who persisted for this hospital. I hope to not need the ER nor the hospital for a long time, but I am glad to have a good place for good care when needed.

They are smart, compassionate, competent people out there! That has been our experience.

s/Nancy Spencer