Blast from the Past (January 25th, 2019)

Published 4:57 pm Monday, January 28, 2019

Compiled by Johnathan Williams

30 years ago

  • ● The recent opening in Panola’s W.M. Harmon Industrial Park of Batesville Casket Companies’ wood casket manufacturing facility expands its wood division operation to three U.S. plants.
  • ● The South Panola Tigers coach Bennie Abson rolled over Grenada and Horn Lake to capture the Chickasaw Conference title and a 16-3 record.
  • 35 years ago
  • ● SPHS band director Ken Lewis is the first donor in Mississippi Blood Services’ annual Batesville drive which began on Tuesday.
  • 40 years ago
  • ● Many suggestions and much expertise  were available at the South Panola County Area Economic Development Seminar last Thursday, and it seems that the Batesville area is not yet ready for industrial expansion and may not be for the next two or three years.
  • ● The Panola County Board of Supervisors approved the employment of the firm of Bekemeyer, Fowler, and Follis as the architects for a proposed 20 bed addition to South Panola Community Hospital at the January meeting in Batesville.
  • 50 years ago
  • ● Some of Batesville’s latest signs of growth can be detected by the city’s new sewage treatment plant on Panola Avenue extended.
  • ● Mrs. Calvin Keeton counts herself one of the fortunate ones. She had the privilege of spending a week in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband, SP4 Keeton of Survey Unit, Infantry Division, U.S Army, stationed in Vietnam.
  • ● Stewardess Bobbye Fowler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fowler on Batesville, is one of a brigade of girls from many airlines at the various inaugural balls for President-elect Richard Nixon this week.
  • 55 years ago
  • ● Happy New Year has an extra special meaning for the Otis Fulmer family of Crenshaw. They won a new home as a result of their entry in the National LP-Gas  Market Development Council’s “Win This LP-Gas Vacation Home” nationwide sweepstakes contest.
  • ● The South Panola boys won the North Panola Tournament last week. The boys beat Horn Lake, Coldwater, and Hernando and increased their record to 18-3.
  • 75 years ago
  • ● “Reported Missing – Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie B. McGee received a telegram from War Department on January 16th informing them that their son, Flight Officer Lonnie B. McGee Jr., has been reported missing in action over Germany since January 5th. Flight Officer McGee had been based in England with the Eighth Air Force since the last of October and had seen much action over enemy territory since the first of December. He is a former Batesville High School, and volunteered for service in June 1941. He married Elaine Foster, High School Sweetheart, of Brookhaven, who is now with her parents there. His many friends here hope good news soon and join his parents in a prayer of safety.”
  • 125 years ago
  • ● “Notice to Convict Contractors – In pursuance of an order made by the Board of Supervisors of said county, at their January Meeting, 1894, at Batesville, notice is hereby given that sealed bids for the convicts of said county for a period of two years will be received and opened by the Board at their meeting in Batesville, on the second Monday of February, 1894, said convicts to be let out to the highest responsible bidder. (see Sec. 789, Code of 1892) who will give bond in the penalty to be fixed by the Board”.
  • “The Board reserves the right to reject all bids.”

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