Church of Christ hosts giveaway

Published 9:39 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

The City of Batesville had something to smile about Saturday morning as the Church of Christ held its semi-annual community giveaway.

People within the congregation of the church were able to hand out clothes, shoes, toys, appliances, and other useful items to people in need.

This tradition was started by members of the church two years ago and has  since been a great success.

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“There are a lot of people who live among us who are in need.” said Michael Bates, minister at the Batesville Church of Christ. “They often visit sometimes in need of food, shelter, or just help with items many of us take for granted. Sometimes they  just need a little assistance. So we thought, what could we do a couple of times a year to give these people a little boost?”

The event turned out as a great success after more than 100 people attended the giveaway Saturday.

Every person that helped with this giveaway was happy and excited with the overall outcome, and support they were able to get along with it.

There was even one woman who recently moved from Fort Worth, Tex., a couple of months ago who said she was glad to be a part of such a great church that was able to do things for the community.  

“When you study the book of Acts, chapter two, in the early church, the first Christians gathered up their belongings and sold some of their property to give to people who were in need,” Bates said.

“There is a little quote around verse forty-seven that also says that these Christians had favor with all the people, meaning that they were a blessing to the community. This is what we strive to do.”