Sheriff’s Report: Deputy injured in scuffle leading to foot chase

Published 12:19 pm Friday, February 16, 2018

Sheriff’s Report: Deputy injured in scuffle leading to foot chase

By Ashley Crutcher
Lt. George Renfroe was conducting a routine patrol when he observed a black Chevy Impala traveling north on Hwy. 315 and noticed the driver without his seatbelt on. Upon passing the deputy, the driver applied his breaks until pulling into a store parking lot.
Deputy Renfroe approached the vehicle and spoke with the driver, who appeared nervous with complications speaking clrealy.
Deputy Renfroe asked the driver to step out of the vehicle to check for weapons when he discovered what felt like a plastic sack. According to the report, the driver tensed up and Deputy Renfroe attempted to place the suspect in custody when the suspect began to pull away.
Deputy Renfroe managed to catch the suspect’s arm and bring him to the ground. A tussel ensued between the suspect and deputy where the suspect managed to slip away. Deputy Renfroe began to persue the suspect on foot and noticed the suspect pulling on his pants where the plastic sack was allegedly located.
“Once the driver seemed to have gotten everything from his pants he stopped running and turned himself over for arrest,” said Deputy Renfroe. A search of the vehicle revealed an Ecstacy pill in the ashtray.
Deputy Renfroe conducted a search of his patrol unit where the suspect was detained and located a green colored residue in the back seat. According to the report, Deputy Renfroe suffered injuries to his left knee.
Deputy Louise Linzy responded to Pope-Crowder Rd. in reference to a motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival, Deputy Linzy observed a trailer detached from a truck on the side of the road in a ditch.
According to the report, the driver stated the trailer came loose from the truck, but no other vehicles were involved and no physical injuries were reported.
February 2
• Deputy Harold Lewis spoke to an Oxford resident who reported the suspect sat in her vehicle and stole her money. The resident advised when she asked him for her money back the suspect only gave her $26 of the $150 that was stolen.
A witness to the altercation stated the suspect came up to her friend’s vehicle and assaulted her and her 12-year-old daughter. According to the report, the suspect began feeling on the victim and the witness advised him to stop.
The witness stated the suspect then pushed and punched her in the face.
February 4
• Deputy Eugene Flowers initiated a stop on Hwy. 315 when the suspect exited his vehicle and appreared to be under the influence. Deputy Flowers attempted to detain the suspect but the suspect continuously snatched away from him. According to the report, the suspect took off runing north down 315 and
Deputy Flowers pursued on foot and had to taser the suspect to get him to stop. Deputy Flowers have several loud commands for the suspect to stop and lay on the ground, but the suspect began pulling the taser darts from his back.
According to the report, the suspect continued to refuse to comply and was tasered a second time.
February 5
• Teasdale Rd. resident reported to Investigator Tyler Mills her and her husband were fighting. According to the report, the wife got mad at her husband for not going to work.
The couple began arguing when their daughter attempted to calm things down. According to the report, the wife pushed the daughter to the ground and began hitting her husband in the back of the head and head butted him in the mouth busting his lip.
The wife continued to hit the husband until he defended himself by striking the wife in the face and holding her down in an attempt to calm her, according to the report.
The wife was transported to Panola Medical by LifeGuard and family members advised they wanted to get the wife mental help.
• Senatobia resident reported to Deputy Darryl House she was delivering a package on Askew Rd. when the homeowner’s dog came out of the house and attacked her.
According to the report, the dog knocked her to the ground and started biting her legs and ankles. The resident suffered injuries to both legs and ankles.

February 6
• Greenhill Circle, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Jeff Still the suspect came in her house, took her keys, broke her cell phone, and took five dollars that was in her car.
• Pine Lake Dr. resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker her ex-boyfriend came to her house cursing her and stuck his finger in her face. According to the report, the resident advised she pushed the suspect and he slapped her in the face.
The resident stated the suspect moved out approximately two weeks ago, still has a key to the house and shows up whenever he wants to. The resident advised the suspect refused to give her house key back.
• Deputy Steven Moore responded to Upton Rd. in reference to suspicious activity. The resident reported his neighbor stated he witnessed someone on his property who appeared to be stealing.
The neighbor stated three individuals were on the property and observed a white Toyota Camry come down the road shortly after spotting the suspects on the property. According to the report, the witness has been charged with abusive calls to emergency services in the past.
Deputy Moore checked the property and was unable to locate any damages or evidence of anything being tampered with. The resident advised he would check in the morning and report back if he found anything missing.
• Butler Rd. resident reported someone is using his name and address to open a checking account.
February 7
• Ellzey Rd., Sardis resident reported to Investigator Mills her boyfriend asked her to put his phone on the charger and stated the phone and charger were missing when her boyfriend awoke.
According to the report, the resident asked her roommate who became upset and turned over the kitchen island. The roommate advised he did not take the phone and did not know who took the phone.
The roommate stated he was going to get his and his girlfriend’s stuff out of the house.
• Investigator Bryan Arnold spoke to a Barnacre Rd. resident who reported the 23-year-old suspect has been sending inappropriate messages to her 15-year-old daughter.
According to the report, the suspect sent a picture of his penis and requested that she sent pictures of herself to him.
The suspect claimed to be 15-years-old and threatened to tell the daughter’s father things she was doing if she did not send him the pictures.
• Mimosa Dr. resident reported to Investigator Arnold that her daughter’s former boyfriend has been harassing and stalking her daughter.
According to the report, the daughter dated the suspect for a little over a year and broke up in late October and has since blocked him from all media accounts.
The resident stated the suspect has found ways to get around the blocks and still contacts her. The suspect has contacted family member asking about the daughter and has been seen driving by the residence on numberous occasions.
• Cemetery Rd., Como resident reported to Major Willie Harris someone has used her name and credit information to obtain a credit card and wrote checks in her name for a total of $3,000.
February 8
• Deputy Britton Crawford advised Investigator Mills he received a phone call regarding two females attempting to break into an ex-boyfriend’s house. Upon arrival, Investigator Mills found the front door open but no one inside the residence.
The resident arrived and advised nothing was missing from the residence. According to the report, the resident advised the suspect had items inside the residence that belonged to her and said he told her she could retrieve her belongings while he was home.
The resident advised he did not want to press charges on the suspect.
• McMinn Rd., Sardis resident reported a suspect busted his windshield and front door glass out of his 1998 Buick and a 50” flatscreen TV. Total damages were estimated at $730. The resident advised he wanted to pursue charges for malicious mischief.
February 9
• Investigator Terry Smith responded to Eureka Rd. where the resident reported he was renting the house to an individual for several months and had just served him an eviction notice for non-payment.
The resident advised upon his arrival fire was coming from the rear of the house near the kitchen area.
According to the report, the resident advised he did not believe the renters had anything to do with setting the fire. The renter advised he was at work when he received a call about the fire.
The renter stated he had no gas in the tank and advised he was having to use space heaters and the stove for heat. The renter lost all of his personal belongings.

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